Purchases I Regret

This post has been a long time coming, the purchases I regret from 2022 may surprise you. Some actually surprised me! But that’s the beauty of tracking purchases for a year. The ability to go back and see if they were worth it, if they’re still around, and what I learned.

Regrettable Purchases

Purchases I Regret

To tally what I regret buying, I will go through month by month. This process is so much easier thanks to my Closet Confessions from 2022. I am still on the fence about how I’ll do that this year – I am kicking around a few ideas but overall I think it’s a good practice and benefits me.

Why did I buy that?

If I ask myself why I bought something, usually it’s because I liked it! Right? I mean, ask a silly question and you get a silly answer. But the root of my issue is a little deeper. I buy things I like but they don’t necessarily work with my lifestyle. Bingo! That is an essential step when you not only define your style but build a wardrobe you love.

In January I bought this toasted pecan blazer from Express. It matches a pair of pants I also purchased. I loved it at first. But then I started realizing that the color was not so great on me AND the length was just a little too long. I recently sold it on Poshmark and bought this jacket instead. It’s from JCrew but I bought it on Poshmark, it’s like brand new and I think it’s much better! Lesson learned: really think about color and fit as well as style!

This is the blazer I purchased to replace the one above. It cost me nothing because I had a balance in my Poshmark account. You can see it’s shorter and better overall on my frame. The color is better on me too – I hope Pamela would approve!

In February, Loft had a great sale and I bought this cardigan. My gut told me to return it because it was too heavy and I wouldn’t get much wear out of it. Well, I ignored my gut but I regret this purchase. It is in my donate pile right now. Lesson learned: When in doubt, take it out (of the cart that it is!).

Then my husband and I traveled to Indiana to see our son’s volleyball tournament. Andrea and I met up for a day to shop and both spent too much money in a cute boutique. I spent WAY too much money on this camo jacket and the tank underneath. The tank is very thin and I don’t like it on me at all. I already gave the jacket to my sister. Lesson learned: Stop and think, these were impulse purchases.

In March I bought this cute little gingham dress from Amazon. It is straight up adorable and I wore it to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. I have worn it a few other times as well but I never feel really comfortable in it. It might be too short, too young, I don’t know. But it is in my donate pile. Lesson learned: I don’t know on this one because I like the dress…I guess I am still learning.

In April I had warm weather on my mind! I love gingham and when I saw this cute top from Ann Taylor I just knew it would be a great wardrobe basic. Well, it would be. For someone else. Ha!! I wish it was a thicker, cotton fabric that could be starched or something. It’s silky and just doesn’t really work with my other pieces. I like it fine and no doubt it’s a great top but I don’t reach for it often enough. Lesson learned: girl, pay attention to fabrics and know what you like and don’t like!

In May I had blue on my mind! This blazer from Shein is a regret and so is this cute top from Old Navy. The blazer is a polyester blend and too warm for me to enjoy but it is darling. Speaking of darling, this cute top from Old Navy sure is, but the fit is not quite right. It slides off my shoulders all the time. Ugh. Lesson learned: pay attention to fabric and fit!

In June we took a little vacay with our friends and I thrifted this Chico’s linen top. Regret. I don’t love it, the fit, the color, the whole thing. No. Just no. Lesson learned: calm yourself while thrifting and don’t just buy something because it’s a good brand.

In July I thought I hit the jackpot when I found these wide leg pants from Macy’s. Turns out, they wrinkle like crazy and they are hard for me to style. I washed them and wore them a few times but they are not worth hassle. They are in my donate pile. Lesson learned: spend more time learning what looks good on me and spend more time researching fabrics. I am beginning to sense a theme, are you?

August was a month with absolutely no regrettable purchases! Woo hoo!!!

September had me visiting Indiana for the second time in 2022! This time was a trip to see Andrea and of course we went shopping. I bought several things and really liked everything I bought. The only regret is this skirt. I mentioned when I shared it initially that I thought I got caught up in the moment – and how cute it looked on Andrea. I am just not sure I’ll wear it much. Lesson learned: think of at least 3 ways to style/wear a piece before purchasing!

Floral Skirt + Western Boots

October always makes me crave Fall clothes, even when the weather here feels nothing like it. The one purchase I regret most this month is this floral dress. I loved it when I tried it on and had been looking for a sweet dress that wasn’t too short. I wore it to church once and had to keep playing around with the top. I’m not certain the fit is right. I may try again with one of my Half Tees under it. I try to avoid prints like this because I think I’ll tire of them easily. I got caught up in the moment because I was doing an in-store try on with Jona. Loft is always so nice to host us and I think I just got all caught up in the excitement. Lesson learned: remember my style words, check my emotions – am I just excited because I am shopping or do I actually love the item?

LOft Floral Dress

In November and December I made purchases but I regret nothing! Loved everything I bought and have worn everything as well – with the exception of the green dress from Walmart. I had planned to wear it to a concert but it was too cold that day and it wasn’t practical. But it is lightweight enough that I can wear it this Spring.

What to Do When You Regret a Purchase

I bet if you go through your closet right now, you’ll probably see a piece or two you regret purchasing. Oftentimes we know it almost immediately yet we do nothing. I say, if those feelings start to seep in, return it if you can. Keep all of your receipts and check the return policy before shopping. Especially if you are in the throes of curating a closet you will love. We are bound to kiss a few toads, ya know? If you cannot return the item, either donate it or sell it. Poshmark has been great for me as well as a nearby consignment shop.

More importantly though, grant yourself some mercy and learn from the mistake. This exercise has been so good for me – I am learning my triggers. There used to be a time that if I tried something on and it fit, I bought it! Now, I (try) to stop and think about it.

The 4 Letter Word That Can Lead to Regrettable Purchases

The 4 letter word that gets me almost every time is the word SALE. While I am really committed to getting a great deal and not spending more than I want to or need to on something, I also don’t want to buy something just because it’s on sale. Here’s what to do: ask yourself if you would buy the item at full price. If the answer is no, then walk away. You’re likely getting it because of the price. Here’s the thing, the cost per wear on something you paid little on actually is quite high if you only wear it once. Compared to something more expensive that you wear TONS!

I am also avoiding outlet shopping. I haven’t been in ages but I know when I went in the past it seems I was lured in because of the prices. There may be some great outlets to shop and if I need something I will go but I won’t go just to have something to do. Understand, I am in no way saying outlet shopping is bad, but for me it can lead to trouble. Of course the same can be said about any shopping – shopping just for fun can be a slippery slope for me.


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Final Thoughts

I am vowing to do better this year and so far, so good. I have made one clothing purchase so far! Anytime a behavior change is in order, it needs to be looked at, identified, thought through, alternatives need to be identified, and work needs to be done. That has been what I’ve been doing over the last 18 months or so and I am enjoying the change!

Thanks so much for reading, it means a lot to me to have you along on this journey!

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