Closet Confessions -February 2022

It’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’s time to share my clothing and shoe purchases for the month of February. Also known as closet confessions, I’ll be telling you each item of clothing and/or shoes I purchased as well as how much I spent. If anything is gifted to me, I’ll tell you that as well but spoiler alert I typically buy all my own stuff and there was nothing given to me this month. You can take a look back at last month’s purchases if you’d like. I plan to do this the whole year so I can get an accurate picture of how much I spend. Something tells me I am going to regret this!

Why am I doing this?

The short answer is for myself. You may read this each month and think I spend too much, or maybe you don’t like what I buy. That’s okay. This is for my benefit so that I can hopefully learn from my purchasing history. My goal is to end the year with a more cohesive closet filled with purchases I don’t regret. Even if seeing the total I spend scares me a bit, it will be worth it if I can look into my closet without uttering, “I have nothing to wear.”

Week One Purchases

Before January came to a close, I made a few purchases that came after my last edition of closet confessions. I purchased these clear heels from Schutz. I had been thinking about them since last summer when I tried on a pair at Evereve. They are comfortable and will go with everything! Total spent $105.31.

Clear Shoes

I also purchased a pair of pajamas from Print Fresh. They had a sale, which rarely happens. These were still pricey at $49.47 but worth it in my book. The cotton is divine and they look terrific even after many washes. This I know because I have a robe from them. I bought a medium.

Darn Loft had a sale too good to pass up so I bought this pair of black coated denim and this cardigan. I mildly regret the cardigan as it is so heavy and I don’t think I’ll wear it as much as I thought I would. On the other hand it’s a good neutral color and a basic cut so it should have staying power for when I travel to cooler climates. Because of the insane sale and rewards I had, I only paid $37 for both pieces. DEAL!

Cardigan + Black Coated denim + Cap Toe heels
White Button Up Shirt + Black Coated Denim + Cap Toe Pumps #classicstyle #blackandwhiteoutfit
Shirt || Coated Denim

Because I honestly feel like I can never get enough white button up shirts, I purchased this one from Target in a size large. Having multiples in varying sizes ensures I have one for every occasion and this one was only $20. I have washed it and it will require a little ironing.

Week Two Purchases

While in store I found my way to the cover ups at Target. This line was new to me and the fabric felt good. I decided to grab the pants and the button up. They were $25 a piece so this purchase came in at just under $50 (with my Red Card discount). I do believe these were great pieces and I have decided to get rid of some of the old (polyester) cover ups I own that do nothing but make me sweat.

Target cover ups

In an attempt to build a classic wardrobe, I knew I needed a trench coat. It seemed the best were at JCrew but the price was a little higher than I wanted it to be. I was looking for something relatively lightweight in a classic, khaki color, and it needed to be short or mid length. Perusing Poshmark led me to the exact trench coat, with tags still on it for a fraction of the cost! And as a bonus I was able to use my credit from previous sales so it cost me nothing!

Although I had not been in Gap in some time, I had a $5 reward and spotted a Kelly green shirt (aka The Big Shirt) . It came home with me along with a simple blue and white striped tee. I paid $63.80 for both pieces thanks to said reward as well as an in-store sale.

Striped crew neck tee + wide leg trouser denim + sneakers
Tee || Denim || Belt || Sneakers

Week Three Purchases

I most certainly had no intention of making any purchases while in Indiana. I packed super light and only had a carry on bag. Clearly I rise to the occasion when prompted however, because I found myself purchasing THREE BLAZERS and one pair of trouser jeans. Luckily the blazers (shared many time before but most recently here) were an online purchase so there was no need to worry about packing those. The blazers, btw, were only $22 a piece so $66 for all three and I LOVE THEM. The trouser jeans were purchased in store when I was out with Marsha. They were on sale but still a tad pricey at $70. I honestly only wanted to try them on to see how I liked the style but I should have known better – I have a hard time saying no! I don’t regret the purchase however, and will enjoy them!

Black turtleneck + wide leg denim

Week Four Purchases

Goodness, I almost forgot about these purchases. My friend Andrea reminded me that on Monday she and I stopped in a cute little boutique in Carmel, Indiana. We met the sweetest and super stylish owner of AH Collection. We had fun chatting with the owner Ann, and both left with a bag of goodies. I purchased this camo knit jacket, a brooch, and a muscle tee. My total spent $160.00. Definitely a splurge!

The Total Spent

The total spent this month was a whopping $ 621.58. That being said, I don’t plan to make any purchases in March. I am thisclose to imposing a shopping ban on myself but I don’t think that’s necessary. We shall see!

I should also add that I do not have ANY debt. If I use a store credit card, it is paid in full at the end of the month. My shopping money is my fun money and it’s what I earn from blogging and my plasma donations. It’s not household money.

Returned Purchases

In attempt at full transparency, I will share what I purchased and returned as well. As a blogger/influencer I have a lot of clothes and share a lot. I don’t mind telling you that I do buy things to share in this space and then return them. Does this make me a bad person? No. It makes me honest. I do not feel bad about that nor do I feel deceptive. Now, if I went on and on about how I bought something and was planning to wear it all the time, yada, yada, yada, then yes, I would call that deceptive. But there are times I simply want to share what a retailer has to offer. I think it helps to see pieces on a real body and that may help you with shopping decisions.

So, this month, I purchased and returned this top and this dress. I honestly like them both – I would not share them if I didn’t. The problem is I don’t think I’ll wear them enough. I own two tops like the brown one so do I need another? Nope. But darn I like it. Same thing with the dress. I like everything about it but I don’t need it.

There you have it friends, what do you think of this month’s purchases? Thanks so much for reading and sharing this space with me!


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