What I bought in September: Closet Confessions

If it feels like I just published a Closet Confessions, you are right! Just a few weeks ago I finally shared my August edition. September was a much lighter spending month for me so this was an easier post to prepare. Let’s get on with it and see what I invited to join my closet!

closet confessions

If you’re new around here, Closet Confessions is a series I started in 2022. Each month I share what I bought and kept along with what I spent. The purpose is to help me get a better handle on my style and my spending. The goal is to make more thoughtful purchases and to completely do away with walking into my closet (okay, more like stepping as she is a tiny thing!) and feeling like I have nothing to wear!

What I bought in September: Closet Confessions

I mentioned earlier I only made 4 purchases (that I kept anyway) in September. Interestingly enough they were all made while I was on vacation with Andrea. This came as no surprise to me because I knew we’d be visiting boutiques and heading into Chicago. Prior to the trip I made some purchases from Old Navy but I ended up returning those pieces. The denim dress – that I loved – was just a little too big – a smaller size has not been available yet. I will not give up, I want it.

Let me also add that in this space I am honest with you. Probably to a fault. I am choosing to share something very personal – money and spending. To that end let me also say that I most certainly do not keep all the clothes I share on my blog. Few bloggers who monetize do. Sometimes we’re sharing what a retailer has in the hopes that seeing these items styled in different ways and on real bodies can take some of the guess work out of shopping for you.

Hope that makes sense to you and if not, let me know. Now let’s see what those clothing purchases were! P.S. these closet confessions don’t include shoes or accessories.

Boutique Purchases

As a blogger who monetizes, it is very difficult to shop at boutiques. Why? Because everyone asks for links and many times these items are not linkable. Then we have to find good alternatives and some times, they just don’t exist. It’s hard to recommend something I have no tried myself. Case in point: my bright pink blazer. Although not a boutique purchase, it is no longer available. I ordered one that looked similar and it turned out to be so bad! I am glad I tried it however, because the online photo looked so good and if someone had ordered it on my recommendation I would have lost my credibility. I also try not to share clothing that was gifted to me that I know I wouldn’t buy with my own money. How can I expect you to buy something I wouldn’t? It’s one of the main reasons I have not pitched myself to brands. I can’t say I never will, but for now, I know my place and it’s right here, spending my own money. But I digress…

My first purchase in September was this orange suit. It wasn’t even something on my radar but when I saw it, I loved it! My blazer obsession is well known by now and when I tried this on I saw so many possibilities. It’s lightweight and bright and will work practically year round here in FL. Total spent: $116.00.

Orange Suit #ClosetConfessions

The next purchase was this blue blazer, from a boutique just up the road from where I purchases the orange suit. It was on major clearance and is so well made. The color is spectacular and so is the fit. I’ll be honest, I purchased a similar blazer from Shein in May and I like this one much better. Total spent: $17.15.

BlueBlazer #ClosetConfessions

The final boutique purchase of the month was made on my last day of vacation. It’s also the one purchase I made on impulse and have a bit of regret about. This skirt is certainly very pretty – it was on sale but even on sale it was pricey. I think I got caught up in the moment and it doesn’t look as good on me as it did in my head – ha! Andrea bought the same skirt but she is taller and thinner with a different body shape – it looks far better on her. Total spent: $59.00.

Floral Skirt + Western Boots
Sweater || Boots

Target Purchase

This two piece set from Target is a total winner. The top and pants are sold separately. Andrea and I both bought this and love it. Two piece sets are so nice because of the versatility they offer but then worn together this one looks so chic. The quality is so good it feels much more expensive. While the top comes in three colors and the pants in four, the navy is my favorite. I think that’s key when you’re shopping at Target – if you purchase neutrals they’ll look better! Total spent (after I used gift cards I had): $29.33.


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Let’s look at how I did for September as far as money spent goes. The total spent on these purchases in September: $221.48. That brings my total for the year to: $3152.83. If you want to catch up on my spending for 2022 you can start with August. At the end of the year I plan to do a wrap up and review all of my purchases. I think the best way to change behavior is to examine it closely and tis exercise is certainly shaping my behaviors!

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