Closet Confessions – March Purchases

Closet Confessions

It’s that time again…time to come clean about what I purchased in March. So welcome to Closet Confessions – March edition. If you are new around here allow me to introduce this series to you. Each month this year I will be sharing my clothing purchases along with the price and the justification. This is an exercise to help me learn from the choices I am making as well as to track how much I’ve spent.

You’ll see that I am rarely gifted clothing. This is a bit of a choice for me; at the point in my “career” I am contacted by brands but they are not brands I’d buy normally so I see no reason to partner with them. My goal is to be as authentic as possible and for me that means if I wouldn’t buy it then I don’t expect you to either. I don’t need a closet full of stuff, I’d prefer a closet full of clothes I love so I never have that feeling of having nothing to wear.

March was a better spending month for me. That’s a good thing because I spent quite a bit in February.

Purchase #1 Chico’s No -Iron Shirt

I have worked with Chico’s in the past and would welcome the opportunity again. I absolutely LOVE the no-iron shirts. The fit is very flattering and the fact that they don’t require ironing is like the cherry on top of the most delicious clothing sundae! I knew I wanted this pretty blue color so as soon as they offered a discount and free shipping I did not hesitate. I ordered a size .5 for reference. The price was $63.51 and it is worth every penny. Great purchase!

Purchase #2 Banana Republic – Black Shirt

Another day, another sale, another shirt. Again, this black shirt was on my wishlist. I ordered it in a size 8 and the fit is perfect. I adore this shirt and know it will be seasonless for me – you saw it first last week. While you may not think of black for Spring or Summer but I can assure you, this is a wardrobe staple. The price: $39.41.

Purchase #3 Ann Taylor Metro Shorts

The jury is still out on this purchase. They arrived just days ago and they are a tad shorter than I originally wanted. I ordered these shorts to replace my old pair bought from Old Navy several years ago (seen in the photo above). Again, they were on sale with free shipping. I love the fabric and the fact that they can be dressed up or worn casually. I ordered them in a size 6. The shorts were $30.00. sorry, no photo of them yet!

Purchase #4 Walmart Striped Sweater

I love sharing pieces from different retailers, Walmart included. Sadly, the best pieces from Walmart are found online and not in the store. As someone who blogs and influences, I buy lots of clothing items. I don’t keep them all – some times I buy them to share with my readers. I shared my Walmart purchases in this post – I kept the blue and white striped sweater. While I tried returning the lavender and white striped sweater, Walmart refunded my money but told me to keep it. So. Weird. This happened to me with them once before with a tee shirt. So, I have both. I honestly like them both but it’s pretty warm here in Orlando so I don’t really need two Spring sweaters. The blue and white sweater was $11.

Sweater || Denim

Purchase #5 Loft

From time to time I do a try on at my local Loft. They kindly gift me an item, this time it was this polka dot dress. I also purchased this pair of jeans and this top. I spent $78.00.

Purchase #6 Amazon Dresses

Last Monday I shared my Amazon purchases. I mentioned my search for a dress to wear for our photo session for my son’s college graduation. I ordered 11 dresses from Amazon and kept one. The gingham one was worn to an Easter Egg hunt and maybe to other graduation activities. The total for this gingham one was $23.

The Total

The total for the month on clothes was $244.92. I did not purchase any shoes, but was gifted this pair from Jambu, seen here (you can use my code through 5/23 to save 20% TBSBS22) So far for the year, my total is $1,151.10. You can see my January purchases here and my February purchases here.

Jambu Mila Sandal

I’ll also add that what one spends is a very personal decision that I have chosen to share publicly. So, you may be shocked at how much I spend or don’t spend. One thing I expect is for you to have an opinion and that is okay, it is irrelevant to me. I pay cash for each and every purchase and have zero credit card debt. I use blog income to pay for the things I want. Blog income comes in the form of commissions made from affiliate links, contributed content, and paid collaborations.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it so much and look forward to having you back again!

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