Why You Can’t Have It All

This weekend did not go as I had planned. I almost didn’t write this post but then I decided to go ahead and write it. Frankly I had another topic planned but as it often… View Post

Loving Lately!

Hellooooooo Friday you handsome devil! Thanks for being here today, friends, I know I’m not alone in welcoming another weekend. Today I have a random list of things I am enjoying and loving lately! Loving… View Post

The One Linen Dress You Need

Warm weather is on the way friends, it’s time to get ready! You probably already know that natural fabrics like linen are most comfortable as temperatures rise. In the last few years I’ve come to… View Post

Trip Recap Part 3: Venice

Thanks for joining me once again for another installment of my trip to Italy. I promise to wrap it up today. Just in case you are new here, in March, my husband and I joined… View Post

Leather Handbag for Spring

I know when you think of spring you think of materials like straw and rattan and not necessarily of leather. It can seem too heavy perhaps? I’m hoping to change your mind today as I… View Post

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