Closet Confessions – June

Thank you for joining me for this edition of Closet Confessions – June. In this series I share what I bought, why, and how much I spent. This is important to me as I work on building a closet I love filled with pieces I enjoy wearing – I never want to look into it and think, “I have nothing to wear!”

closet confessions

As I have mentioned before, I don’t have a budget but I only spend money I have – I NEVER finance or go into debt. Money is a very personal matter and I make what I’m spending public for my benefit as much as yours. Maybe there’s something to learn along the way for us both.

Purchase #1

Continuing my blazer obsession, I wanted a white, washable blazer. Apparently I am very messy and stain anything white. This one was affordable with the discounts the store offered along with an extra discount I had, this a great purchase. The fabric feels gauzy and the sleeves are ruched. I paid $30.

Purchase #2

When I spotted this kaftan at H&M I felt as if I’d found a four leaf clover! It is so luxurious feeling and looks so chic! I tried on a small in store but it had so much fabric I really needed the x-small. I ordered it online and to my surprise there was an extra discount for all online orders and free shipping! Score! It was $27.46.

Purchase #3

Proof that I stain all things white, my favorite white shorts from Chico’s had so many stains they could no longer be worn. This pair from Kohl’s is a great alternative. I have them in black so I knew they’d work. I paid $13.

Purchase #4

I used my birthday reward from Express to grab these shorts. They are dressier than my daily shorts and I love the fit. These will be a wardrobe staple for me and I have already worn them a few times! I paid $40.

Purchase #5

We took a mini vacay with our besties and I bought this dress. It was a splurge for sure but this dress seemed to be made for me! It was $190.00.

Purchase #6

On that same trip I bought this Chico’s linen shirt (similar) at Goodwill for $4.99. I mentioned how that came to be in this post. My husband is incapable of visiting a city without thrifting for his side hustle. Every now and again something jumps out at me!

Purchases 7 & 8

Loft has these crazy good sales and with my birthday reward I could hardly say no. I bought two tops and paid $30. This blue one and this striped one. I’ve worn them both already and they were great purchases.

Purchases 9 &10

I love the versatility of a two piece set. Wearing the two pieces together or separating them provides so many outfit options. This set comes in 3 colors, I am wearing a medium in both pieces. I had a gift card and used my red card for an extra 5% discount so I paid just $25 for both pieces. You can get the top and the shorts separately.

Purchase #11

I had not planned to buy anything at Target when I stopped in for a few grocery items but this dress came home with me. It was under $20 (thanks to my red card discount).

Purchase #12

One of my very favorite sites to shop for quality basics is Quince. I own two silk blouses from Quince. They are washable and well made on top of the fact that they are extremely affordable. I wanted a black linen shirt and was thrilled to find this one for just $42 (that included tax). Several other sites offered linen shirts for twice that price. Quince also has free shopping and returns – I bought a size medium. P.S. the shoes I am wearing are part of the NSale, you can get them right here.

Purchased & Returned

Ahhh, another day, another blazer! This green one caught my eye and I had some Express cash to use. I bought this blazer in a size 8. It’s linen blend and really beautiful. However, the fit was off. I returned it because it wasn’t comfortable and I knew it wouldn’t get worn. This is progress for me – I have not always been so discerning.

Total so far…

In June I added 12 pieces to my closet. I feel good about each of these purchases. My total for June was $422.45 bringing my total for the year to $2,227.20. June was a high spend month for me but I had a birthday thrown in and that meant perks from my favorite retailers. July will be a lower spend month for me although I have already purchased a few things thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Chico’s Semi Annual Sale.

If you care to re-visit my previous posts here they are: January, February, March, April, and May. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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