October Closet Confessions

I have a confession to make: I nearly forgot about this post! November is whizzing by and I’ll soon be writing my November Closet Confessions! So today is the day to share my favorite Fall purchases from the month of October AKA: Closet Confessions!

closet confessions

October Closet Confessions

If you are new around here each month I share the clothing I purchased here on the blog. I include how much I spent and I am keeping a running total. This is for my benefit as this has been a year of honing in on my own personal style. By “confessing” to what I’ve purchased I am hoping to learn more about the decisions I make moving forward. The ultimate goal is to never again look into my closet and think “I have nothing to wear” while I have a closet full of clothes.

Favorite Fall Purchases

In October I made some of my very favorite Fall purchases. I also spent ALOT of money – I had not intended to but…

It started out the same as every month, me thinking I need nothing and will probably barely shop. Ha! I placed a huge order at Old Navy for the sole purpose of blogging about different types of denim. I purchased several pair and shared the information here. Out of curiosity I ordered this pair of cords. I ended up loving them! They were on sale and I paid $28 for them.

A bit of an impulse purchase was this faux suede moto jacket from Kohl’s. I happened to be in Kohl’s for an Amazon return (genius move BTW) when I spotted it. Since I do not already own a lightweight jacket in this style I decided to keep it! I could easily think of three ways to wear it. With discounts and Kohl’s cash (via the Amazon return) I paid $26. It does come in 3 colors and I recommend it!

Evereve Fall Purchases

I was invited to an anniversary event at Evereve and purchased 4 items that I love, they were pricey but well worth it. I bought a leather moto jacket, leather booties, a faux leather blazer, and a pair of premium straight leg denim jeans. I spent $900 on those 4 pieces – the leather moto jacket was $595 and it is exquisite. You can read about my shopping experience here.

Fall Purchases from Loft

My friend Jona and I met up at Loft for a Fall try on. We had fun filming reels in the fitting room. I purchased a pair of navy blue skinny pants, a floral dress, a white blouse, a sweater, a floral skirt and a faux suede skirt. I paid $281.

Gibsonlook Purchase

Every time Gibsonlook has a new collection launch, I fall hook, line, and sinker. Andrea shared the pink top and pants and I had to order them! Well, I was less than impressed with the pants so I returned them. They are not lined and the pink does not match the top perfectly. In the end they were just not worth the $89 price tag. I purchased the twist neck halter top in a medium and it was too big so I exchanged it for a small. I like it, have not photographed it yet. For the price I think the Target version is a great option! I paid $62 for the halter top as I used Andrea’s code.


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Total Spent

This month’s total came to a whopping $1297.00. Yikes! Now that may make your jaw drop, it does mine! But keep in mind, I pay cash for everything I buy and use money I make from my blog as well the money I earn donating plasma. Yes, I donate plasma, not because I have to but because I want to. It’s an easy way to make some extra money and I enjoy using it to pay for trips or splurges.

This brings my total for the year to: $4,449.83. You can go back and catch up on my previous purchases here. Spending is a very personal decision that I choose to share, I hope you enjoy it and learn a little something along the way about your own purchases and spending habits!

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