Forever in Blue Jeans: Ageless Style

It’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s time for our Ageless Style link up. This month Jodie came up with our theme, Inspired by a Song. I’ll have to admit to not being the most creative thinker and I was a little stumped. Then it hit me. A post about styling denim – different style of denim could work. And what song came to mind? This one! Are you old enough to remember Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond?

Why talk about denim? Well, I think everyone wears denim (except my mother). But there are so many styles and cuts – how many do we need? Can’t one pair just do it all? The answers to these questions will be different for each of us but here’s what I think – different styles serve different purposes. Depending on your lifestyle you may only need a few pair or you may be a denim-all-the-time kinda gal!

Flare Leg Denim

Flare leg denim is so flattering and in my opinion, looks good on every BODY type. Find the right fit and you have instant curves an our legs look longer. I bought this pair and I am in love! They have a high rise – but are also available in a mid rise if that is your preference. I like them styled with a heel but be careful that the heel isn’t too high – they look best when the hem covers a majority of the shoe.

Boyfriend Denim

Confused about what this style of denim is? Here’s a working definition: a style that is typically more fitted at the hips and in the seat with a more generous, relaxed fit through the legs. In other words fitted but loose!

My favorite boyfriend denim is years old – seriously more than 10 years old – and distressed. They happen to be the denim I wear in the summer because they are lightweight and loose enough to keep me comfortable. I like the styling options with this cut – you can easily dress them up or down.

My denim dream outfit would be an over the top sequin top, all the sparkly jewels, killer heels, and distressed denim! Like shabby chic home decor in an outfit.

White Blazer + Distressed Denim
Boyfriend Denim + Tank Top

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans typically have a fair amount of stretch in them. Thank goodness mid and high rise options are more readily available. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Skinny jeans can be styled in many ways too – maybe sneakers are on your agenda or a heel – either way you are good to go. My favorite skinny jeans come from Old Navy – I love the Rockstar line. They fit well without getting baggy and they’re affordable. Skinny jeans are available in lots of colors too!

Black Skinny Jeans + Peasant top

Straight Fit Denim

Straight fit just may be the Goldilocks of all denim. Not too loose, not too tight – just right! They offer a relaxed hip and thigh so they definitely have a more laid back vibe. I like the distressed, cropped version.

Distressed Denim + Graphic Tee
Def Leppard tee

Mom Jeans

This is the one style I have yet to try. What are they? Mom jeans are high waisted denim that were originally fashionable in the 1980’s and 90’s. Since I am short waisted I don’t think this is a fit I’m interested in this fit – they are a higher rise than high rise denim. But I’ll say this – while they may not work on me – they look fabulous on others! Check out this pair.

Wide Leg Denim

Wide leg denim is just that – wide all the way down – no tapering anywhere. If you are petite be careful with these – they can overwhelm your frame. I fell in love with this pair I bought from Amazon. I like them best with a heel and a fitted top.

Free People Top + Cropped Wide Leg Denim
Top || Denim
Black Bodysuit + Wide Leg Cropped Denim
Seeing this photo makes me so happy I darkened my hair!

Cropped Flare Leg Denim

I have several pair in this style – like a flare leg denim is universally flattering I think the cropped version is as well. I think they provide a nice balance with the hip area and create curves. Take a look at this pair – great pair and marked down, just $35!

Plaid Blazer + Cropped Flare Leg Denim
Jacket || Favorite Earrings
Tweed Jacket

Did I cover all the denim? No, I probably just scratched the surface. But will all of the available options I could certainly find myself Forever in Blue Jeans, how about you?

Before you go…Nordstrom has some new markdowns that are very well priced! Take a look, my favorite every day bra is included as well as some other fantastic pieces. Shop the sale here.

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