What Is Your Haircare Routine Missing?

Pic – CCO License Most of us would admit to wanting to have perfect hair. Whether or not there is really such a thing as perfection to be found, it is always possible to be… View Post

VEGAMOUR Hair Wellness Product Review

My search for the best shampoo and conditioner is ongoing. With fine, thin hair all my life I’ve learned a thing or two about how to deal with this head of mine. In the 80’s… View Post

Friday Favorites March 19

Hello, Friday you handsome devil! What a week it’s been. No need to be long winded, let’s get right to it! As I mentioned last week I was headed out of town with my mom.… View Post

Kerotin Gift Guide – For Fabulous Hair

Treat yourself or someone you know to luxurious products that take self care to another level. You’ve heard me share my love of Kerotin products in the past. I regularly use the hair growth vitamins,… View Post

Friday Favorites #29

Happy Friday friends! Hopefully it is a happy Friday and you’re not frustrated because t when the Nordstrom sale opened for everyone today the items you wanted were already sold out. Keep the faith and… View Post

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