Review of Vegamour’s HYDR-8 Line

Hair is the crowning glory for most women and as we age it goes through changes just like the rest of our bodies. We fight our wrinkles and sagginess with creams, serums, laser, and needles.… View Post

Marilyn Black Leather Blazer

Today is all about real leather, there’s nothing like it, right? Combine this sumptuous material with my favorite item of clothing and just like that – the Marilyn black leather blazer appears! Marilyn Black Leather… View Post

Hair Growth Journey with Fully Vital

I have been keeping a secret friends and today I am going to spill the beans! I have been using a hair growth system from Fully Vital for awhile now – about 6 weeks. This… View Post

Matrixyl Collagen Boosting Serum

It’s time to talk skin care friends. If you find your head is spinning because you are being inundated with information about what to use, when to use it, and you don’t even know why,… View Post

Friday Favorite: Jambu Mila Sandal

Yesterday I brought you Spring shoes but today I want to focus on just one: the Jambu Mila Sandal. One of the things my readers have asked for repeatedly, on Instagram is a comfortable yet… View Post

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