Friday Favorites – July Amazon Edition

The only thing better than a standard Friday is one leading to a long weekend and for those of us in the US that’s the case. I am especially excited because our virtual school shuts… View Post

Friday Favorites: Amazon Purchases

It’s been a hot minute since I did an Amazon round up. So today I bring you a round up of what’s been showing up at my door lately! I’m linking up with Tanya too… View Post

Friday Favorites – February Prime Edition

This Friday has me smiling ear to ear! We have plans on Saturday night to attend a party for my brother in law’s birthday and spring break starts for my boys! My oldest is not… View Post

Friday Favorites #102 – Amazon Edition

Welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites – Amazon Prime Style! If you’re like me you love seeing what everyone is Priming these days and the best way to do that is to follow Tanya… View Post

Best Amazon Purchases of 2019

I am so excited to join Tanya for the best Amazon purchases of 2019! Sharing my faves is only part of it – I cannot WAIT to see what everyone else shares! The link up… View Post

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