Friday Favorites – Nashville Edition

It’s been a whirlwind week y’all! I had a great time in Nashville and now that I’m home I want to be sure to document the trip and share some of my favorites on this fine Friday.

Being in Nashville brings me such sweet memories as I reminisce about the girls trip I took 2 years ago with my blogging besties and last October when I got to spend the day here with Lisa.

Favorite #1 Draper James

I have always been a HUGE Reese Witherspoon fan so naturally I love everything about her shop – Draper James. On Monday afternoon my husband and I did a little exploring and lo and behold I left with two dresses.

This denim dress has such pretty details on the sleeves and the denim is a great weight. I love the length too as well as the wash. This will work year round in FL – boots in cooler weather and sandals the rest of the year!

I had to have this pretty blue utility dress. I love the flare of the skirt – so feminine! It feels like a dream on and I’ll wear when I host a bridal shower next month.

I promise to get some pictures in both dresses soon!

Favorite #2 Five Daughters Bakery

I do have a sweet tooth and boy does this place cater to it in a big way. Yummy concoctions and the best donuts. I wished I’d taken a picture of what we got – but I am never good at that kind of thing! I had a vanilla cream donut and it was heavenly. My husband had a ginormous cinnamon roll and we got some donut holes to bring back to our hotel.

Favorite #3 Nolan’s New Car

My son purchased his first car on Monday. He had been researching a few options and stumbled upon this one while I still in Orlando. He made an appointment at the dealership for Monday to see the car in person. Of course he bought the car!

It’s great to see my son stepping up to the plate and handling things like a real life grown up!! He purchased this car completely on his own and handled all of the negotiations himself. I feel good about him living on his own, out of state because I know he can handle the big things!

Favorite #4 Birthday Dinner at Firebirds

Nolan’s 23rd birthday was January 19 (our last night) so we made reservations at Firebirds for dinner. His roommate Rachel joined us. We had a terrific dinner and it was the perfect way to end our trip.

Yes, our son’s roommate is a female! Not a love interest – they have been friends for a long time (since middle school). She has a boyfriend who lives here in Orlando but he’ll be headed to Nashville to visit soon. Rachel graduated from UCF last spring with a journalism degree and was anxious to spread her wings. When she heard Nolan was moving she jumped at the chance to go too. For that I am grateful. No matter how much I miss my boy I know he is excited and ready for this new chapter in his life. I am thrilled he isn’t alone as he explores a new city and puts down roots.

Favorite #5 Journey Home

Not that I really thought driving home was a favorite but we did get to stop on the way home to see our younger son in Gainesville. Knowing we’d be seeing him was definitely a favorite! We ate at one of our favorite BBQ joints in Gainesville, Mojo Hogtown.

A fee other fun details, seeing the mountains as we left town on Wednesday. They are gorgeous!

Till next time, Nashville!

I drove for about 6 of the 10.5 hour drive home. At one point my car made a crazy sound and this popped up! We laughed so hard!

Um, yes, I’d like a break!

Whew what a week! I am exhausted. I look forward to a fun weekend shopping for mother of the bride dresses with my best friend and relaxing! How about you? Any plans? Make it a good one friends, you never get your days back so don’t waste them on any kind of negativity!

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