Then and Now: Jeans

Jill and I are back again this week with a topic we can all relate to I’m sure, jeans. I don’t know too many women – other than my mother- who don’t love a great… View Post

Understanding the Different Types of Denim

When I was growing up if you said you we were wearing jeans there was no question about what they’d look like. They were pretty standard. However, in the present day, denim comes in so… View Post

Forever in Blue Jeans: Ageless Style

It’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s time for our Ageless Style link up. This month Jodie came up with our theme, Inspired by a Song. I’ll have to admit to… View Post

Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee & Link Up

Graphic tees are here to stay – they have held their place in fashion for some time now. I haven’t always been a fan of them on me but have long admired them on others.… View Post

Wear Now, Wear Later

When I chose items from the Nordstrom sale I wanted to be sure I could wear them year round. It just doesn’t get cold enough here to invest heavily in cold weather wear; instead it… View Post

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