Friday Favorites – Hey June!

Hey June, nice to see you! Today just happens to be my last Friday as a 54 year old – tomorrow is my birthday. Fridays are always a favorite but especially this one because I… View Post

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Since posting Pool & Beach Essentials the other day, I have been building a mental list of Summer wardrobe essentials. Taking stock of what I have and what I plan to wear as well as… View Post

Friday Favorites: On My Mind

The only thing better than a Friday is a one that leads into a long weekend, am I right??? For all of my US friends, I hope you have some time to celebrate Memorial Day.… View Post

Styling a Linen Shorts Set

With summer right around the corner, I am looking for ways to stay cool yet still look put together and chic. A linen shorts set is one of the easiest ways to achieve that goal.… View Post

Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

Let’s talk tummies, shall we? I’ve always had an issue with mine, even at my thinnest. Bodies come in all sizes and shapes and while there is little we can do about how we are… View Post

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