A Sale too Good to Miss!

This sale is too good to miss and just like the weekend it will be over soon!… View Post

Sneaker Outfits & Style Six Link Up

Who ever thought sneakers would be so trendy and cute enough to wear out? And by “out” I mean something other than out to exercise. The athleisure tend caught on and has spilled over to… View Post

Friday Favorites 1st of May

Ahh, a new month! Let’s hope this month brings lots of positive changes to the world as we know it. I remain steadfast in my belief that things will get better and I am focusing… View Post

Friday Favorites #101

Oh Friday you handsome devil, can we please agree to meet again soon? Like, possibly make every week a 4 day work week so your step sister Monday isn’t so dreaded? Alright friends, it’s time… View Post

Styling a Corduroy Mini Skirt & Link Up

Here we are friends, the day before Thanksgiving! My family is rallying and celebrating, while still in the throes of deep sadness over the loss of my niece and my dad. What comforts me is… View Post

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