5 Tips to Be Holiday Ready in No Time

5 Fashion Tips to be Holiday Ready in No Time

Today I’ve got 5 easy ways to get you looking holiday ready! These 5 tips are easy to employ and can work with your current wardrobe basics. They’ll help you feel festive and stylish with ease.

5 Tips to Be Holiday Ready in No Time

While it can be fun and exciting to get a new outfit it’s not always necessary. I bet, like me, you have some pieces that only get worn this time of year. They last from year to year and as long as they’re in good repair there’s no reason to discard them.

Or maybe you have great basics you feel comfortable wearing. With just a few additions they can take you straight into holiday ready!

Tip 1 Sparkle & Shine for the Holidays

Holidays conjure up images of sparkle and shine for most of us. We equate them with happy times so it makes sense. So it also makes sense to add sequins, glitter, satin, and crystals to your look. Texture is a great way get holiday ready!

With the exception of the shoes, these are all old pieces!
Velvet wrap dress
Holiday Fashion Tips
Dress || Boots

Jewelry is the perfect way to sparkle and shine too! Maybe you have that special pair of rhinestone earrings you wear for holiday parties. Maybe it’s a cocktail ring or bracelet. Don’t underestimate the power of an accessory!

Tip 2 Get Holiday Ready with Color

Have fun with color at holiday time! Whether it’s the traditional red or green we associate with Christmas or blue for Hanukkah, some colors just seem to say holiday!

Green dress
Holiday Fashion Tips
Dress || Shoes || Bag

But let’s think outside the box. Head to toe pink, black, white, or actually any color can do the trick! Monochromatic outfits can be so chic! Play around with texture too, it is a great way get holiday ready! Think faux leather, velvet, or even some of the faux feathers that are so trendy right now.

Tip 3 Amp Up Your Holiday Look with Shoes

Just because shoes are a necessity doesn’t mean they have to be practical or boring. Just like I shared here. This year I have seen some fabulous shoes at all different price points and I am here for it!

Willa Flat + Blue Halter Top + Hot Pink Pants

Holiday Ready
Top || Pants || Shoes

Tip 4 Carry the Right Bag

Don’t forget the statement a bag makes. Nothing worse then being all dressed up and carrying the same bag you use everyday. A gorgeous bag can elevate a look so easily! My favorite for the season is this one because it’s a good dupe for this one. I especially like that it is not a clutch so my hands are free! But if crystals and rhinestones aren’t your thing, maybe a pop of color or a bag with an interesting texture is!

Splurge Bags:

Budget Friendly Bags:

Express blouse + Black flare leg denim + sparkle bag
Holiday ready fashion tips
Top || Pants || Booties || Bag


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Tip 5 Holiday Make Up & Hair

The key to pulling off any holiday look is to look ready! That means hair and make up can’t be overlooked. No need to hire a glam squad (but boy I’d love to) just do something a little extra. How about a red lip, some false eyelashes, or maybe even a special barrette.

I think an updo is a great holiday look – especially if you are wearing pretty earrings! Paint your nails, wear a red lip, add some sparkly eyeshadow, you get the idea. It’s time to go all out and celebrate!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. You might have other tips to add and if so, I’d love to know. The holiday season is a busy one, the last thing we need is added stress over what to wear. All too often we’re so busy getting things done we forget to make time for ourselves so we can look and feel our best. I hope these 5 easy tips can help alleviate that stress and help you to look and feel your best!

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends! I hope your weekend is filled with lots of love and good cheer!

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