Greece is the Word – Friday Favorites

Ha!! How’s that for a fun title? Tomorrow my husband and I leave for Greece so I figured, why not? We will be gone about 9 days. Yes, we will not be home for Thanksgiving. It’s the first time we’ll be traveling over a holiday. I’ll be honest, I know we’ll have a good time but this will be the last time we travel over a holiday. I’m having a few regrets about being away. Not to worry, my boys will be well taken care of. Our oldest son is headed up north to be with his girlfriend’s family and our youngest will be with my family. No one will be alone, but we haven’t seen my youngest as much as I anticipated this fall. Grad school has kept him very busy and I am missing him.

Greece is the Word

So why Greece? Our best friends invited us to go and we decided to go for it! At the time we were planning a trip for the two of us to visit the Grand Canyon. Turns out going to Greece for 9 days was cheaper. We are traveling with Globus tours so while we do have some free time built into the schedule, all of the planning is done. This is our kind of trip! I’m not good at planning things and prefer to leave it to the experts.

Greece is the Word

I do plan to document everything and I’ll share a recap once we get back. As much as I can I will share on Instagram as well.

What I’m Packing

Packing!! Ugh, not my favorite part, especially since we do not have a direct flight to Athens. I know I could have managed with a carry on only but it will be much cooler there so our clothes will be heavier. My husband and I will each have a carry on and then we will share one checked bag. I did buy this to help ease our minds about checking a bag.

Nothing we are doing will require dressing up. So I plan to wear jeans or leggings each day. I’m also going to be bringing my compression socks and wearing them most days. I have been wearing them when I walk each day and they really help my legs. My legs don’t feel as achy and tired as they do when I’m not wearing them. It’s also a great way to prevent spider and varicose veins. Wearing them on long flights is recommended to help with swelling and to prevent blood clots.

I am also packing lots of Clara Sunwoo pieces. They travel well, don’t wrinkle and I can wash them easily if needed. They are perfect for layering too and are so comfortable. Don’t forget to use my code: KELLYANN10 if you shop. Just this week I got this liquid leather blazer and I am IN LOVE. It is definitely coming with me along with my liquid leather leggings. These pieces do not wrinkle so they travel well and they can be washed in a sink if needed and dry quickly!


When I travel like this I tend to forego the mutli-step skin care regime I do each morning and night. It’s not practical and I’m not too worried about the effects of taking some time off. I will clean, moisturize, and wear sunscreen each day. I’m bringing mostly powder make up – the Laura Gellar foundation, highlighter, and blush will be coming for sure. I checked ahead and all of the hotels have blow dryers so I’m not bringing mine. I plan on buying a curling iron when I get there. I decided that would be easier because then I can just keep it for travel. In the past, even when I use a converter I have had my curling iron and hair dryer burn out/get fried. Since we have a trip to Italy booked in March, I’ll use the curling iron then too. I did have my bangs cut super short almost 2 weeks ago to make fixing my hair each day easier.

Other Favorites from the Week

Last weekend we decorated our tree. I knew once we returned from this trip we’d be tired and we’d be playing catch up. It made sense to do that ahead of time. I have NEVER had my home decorated this early! I did eventually fix the tree skirt/chord situation but I snapped this photo well before. Getting up in the morning and turning the tree lights on is a favorite and makes my 4am wake ups more pleasant.

This dress has been a favorite for sure. I shared it on Monday. I ordered a small in chocolate brown and a medium in black. They arrived on different days and since Walmart fashion sells out so quickly (but does get re-stocked a lot of the time) I wanted to share it right away. Turns out, I like the fit of the medium better so I am returning both and exchanging for a medium in brown. Here’s a look at the medium in black. Y’all, this dress is such good quality, I am stunned.

Target has sweaters 30% off with Circle right now. I picked up this red cardigan in a medium. It is super soft and I love the shade of red. It’s more of a blue based red than an orange one. If you haven’t tried anything from the feels-like-cashmere line at Target, you’re missing out. This sweater is incredibly soft. I am definitely buying more. I’m wearing the jeans I shared yesterday along with this plaid shirt from JCrew Factory and my waterproof boots. The boots are also on sale for 30% off!

Some of my favorite sweaters are from Target and all on sale through Saturday:

I bought this lotion on Amazon and I have to say I am impressed. Have I noticed results yet? No. But, it goes on much like a pricier lotion I bought last spring. Having retinol in my lotion at night is a total win.

I’ve recently watched two great shows! MotherFatherSon on Amazon – SO GOOD!!! Only 8 episodes but I could not stop watching and saw the whole thing in 2 days. A family drama starring Richard Gere- this show is from the BBC. Here’s a description from Wikipedia: “A fractured family at the heart of politics and power is pulled together under catastrophic circumstances.”

The other show was on Hulu – Black Cake. A family drama about secrets. Here’s description: Bride Covey disappears in the shore, under unknown circumstances or reasons. A flash drive will change the life of Eleanor Bennet, years later.

That’s it for this week friends! I hope your week was a good one and if you live in the US and you are getting ready for Thanksgiving, I wish you all the very best. My wish for you is a holiday filled with love and good memory making!

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