Wearing Lately – Friday Favorites

Thank goodness it is Friday, what a week! Tomorrow we are headed back to UF to move our younger son into his apartment. He starts grad school next week. You might remember he graduated a year ago, took a gap year and is now ready and refreshed for 2 more years of school. He decided to return to UF rather than go to Columbia because it made more sense financially. It was music to my ears – having my son 2 hours away by car rather than 2 hours by plane makes this momma happy!

Personally this week has been a busy one for me with work. I almost did not get this post done. Some days I wonder what in the world I am doing. At times it feels like I am doing too much and not doing anything particularly well. It happens. Anyway…

Wearing Lately – Friday Favorites

Figured I’d share a little hodge podge of what I have been wearing lately. That always seems a good idea and thank goodness I snapped some photos!

On Tuesday night we had dinner at a really nice steakhouse to celebrate our son’s next adventure. I wore this green dress from Franne Golde. I am wearing the dress in a small, it comes in other colors and is now half price! I worked with them a few months ago and really loved their clothes. They are pricey but feel incredibly luxurious.

This denim skirt arrived and I have hardly taken it off! You read about it yesterday. Not only am I have a major love affair with the skirt but turns out I am pretty fond of the vest too! You my wonder where I wore this. To Target, that’s where!

I ordered a new vest for Fall and had to pull out my booties! Yes, it is 5 million degrees but I am cranking the a/c!

If I’m not in a skirt and vest, my denim cut offs from last year and my Anine Bing graphic tee suit me just fine!

That’s a wrap on what I’ve been wearing lately. How about you, are you ready to ditch the shorts and tees? Dreaming of Fall? Let me know!

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