How to Wear Sequins Over 50

Sparkle and shine is the name of the game during the holiday season, right? So what about sequins for mature women? Is there a right way or wrong way to do this? The answer is NO, there is no wrong way to wear anything. Well, except for maybe putting both legs in one pant leg. That just won’t work but aside from that, wear what you want and feel good in. Blogs like this? Heck, I am just sharing ideas for you to consider. How to wear sequins over 50 or at any age for that matter is most certainly a matter of preference.

Sequins over 50

How to Wear Sequins Over 50

How I wear sequins depends on where I am going first and foremost. Typically I choose to wear sequins on my lower half because my hair gets pulled or tangled in them. If I do wear a sequin top or dress I wear my hair up.

Sequins at one time were reserved for special occasions or events but that is not the case any longer. Wearing sequins during the day for any old occasion (trip to Target anyone?) is definitely a trend and I don’t think it will be changing anytime soon.

Outfit Ideas with Sequins

One of the things I’ve worked hard on this year is defining my personal style. By coming up with the three words that best define your personal style, you are able to shop smarter and buy only those pieces that fit those descriptors. I believe I have narrowed my words to include: preppy, tailored, fun. I’ll go into those words at another time but suffice it to say the outfits I am sharing here fit into my personal style.

Sequins in the Past

I thought it would be fun to take a look at how I’ve worn sequins in the past. These outfits were all things I wore prior to defining my own personal style. Since the sequin pieces I own don’t get worn that much they last longer in my wardrobe. I tend to wear them for holidays and then a bit in Winter just because it gets so hot here and they are a thicker fabric.

A sequin skirt can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn this skirt to dinner with friends among other places. I thought this was a fun and edgy look with the graphic tee, pearls, and open toe booties.

graphic tee + sequin skirt
January, 2020

In 2018 I bought these sequin leggings at Express. I wear them every year at the holidays and they never fail me. Jogger style sequin pants seem to be more popular now. I like the looser fit of the jogger style.

#sequin leggings
December, 2018

A sequin top with distressed denim is one of my favorite ways to dress for a casual-but nice event. A Christmas party, girls night, white elephant gift exchange, you get the picture. I do find I have to wear my hair up but this is a fun way to sparkle and shine!

An oldie but a goodie from 2018!

How I am Wearing Sequins Now

Now that you’ve seen where I started on my style journey let’s see where I am ending up! The good news is that I still own the leggings and the skirt. I got rid of the sequin top because I realized I didn’t enjoy wearing it.

Remember my three words? Preppy, tailored, and fun? So here I am wearing my sequin skirt (fun) along with a white button down and booties (tailored and preppy). The white button down is from JCrew and it is called the Tuxedo shirt – it’s a more elevated version of a white button down.

My sequin leggings got paired with the same button down and booties. Then I added my leather moto jacket. I switched out the booties for my Vionic flats and a red cardigan.

Jacket || Button Down || Similar Pants || Booties
Similar Cardigan || Button Down || Similar Leggings || Shoes

My sequin skirt got an update too by switching out the graphic tee for the button down and the open toe booties for the pointy toed version.

I am pleased with the updated looks for my old sequin pieces and look forward to wearing them this season. Do you have a favorite?

One Last Thought

Sometimes the best way to wear sequins is with an accessory. Maybe a scarf or a handbag is a better fit with your style personality. I had been eyeing this bag and almost pulled the trigger, but then I saw this one yesterday before church. I ordered it immediately and it is set to arrive tonight. A fancy bag is the perfect accessory for holiday looks and I really like that this is a shoulder bag.

Shopping for Sequin Pieces

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