Friday Favorites May 24

Hi friends and welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites, I’m sorry I could not come up with a catchier title – my creativity and wit have abandoned me. Speaking of being abandoned, I hope you don’t feel like I left you high and dry on Monday by not posting. My weekend was busy and productive but I ran out of time. I usually announce when I won’t be posting so I felt a bit like rebel but it was also a challenge. Allowing myself to take an unscheduled break is something I am learning to be okay with. But I’ve got lots to share today so buckle up and read on!

Friday Favorites May 24

Our weekends lately have been filled with things to attend from graduations to recitals to birthday brunches! It has been so very nice to have fun things to look forward to and of course, deciding what to wear! That has to be my favorite part (and probably always has been!). Here’s a look at what I have worn lately!

Last Friday I wore this outfit, inspired by the Evereve catalog! It was very cool girl chic in my opinion. The nice part was that I shopped my closet for the whole thing! My jeans are on sale btw. I wore it all day while I worked, ran errands, and then got a pedicure that night!

This dress that you are probably tired of hearing me talk about. Something about it has me feeling like a princess when I wear it! Maybe it’s the puff sleeves??? I wore it to my niece’s dance recital. I’d also like to take a moment to point out that I have absolutely no idea where to look when someone is taking a photo. I blame the fact that I take selfies all the time but my goodness! Angles people hold phones at while snapping the photo are weird and I swear I cannot get a decent photo.

On Sunday I wore this dress to a double birthday brunch at a cool roof top bar/restaurant in downtown Orlando. I really like being able to carry this cute straw bag when I’m headed out.

On Monday I returned to the school I previously worked in for the senior walk through. I remember so many of these kids from when they were in kindergarten. I loved seeing them all grown up!

This was what I wore on Wednesday. I love a baseball cap when my hair is not freshly washed! I was taking my husband to an appointment and waiting rooms are always cold. My tote was filled with all the things I need to keep myself occupied.

Favorite Shows Lately

It’s been awhile since I shared what I’ve been watching with you! I actually made a list so I wouldn’t forget. My husband and I both loved Ripley on Netflix.

It was hard to get through at first (for me because I was so sad!) but we really enjoyed Masters of the Air on Apple.

We are a few episodes in on Apple TV’s Dark Matter.

I watched and enjoyed Under the Bridge on Hulu.

Although not a show, I just finished reading Lisa Jewell’s None of This is True and really enjoyed it!

Favorite Photos

If you are new here then you may not know I have two adult sons. My oldest, Nolan, lives in Philadelphia – downtown Philly to be exact. My younger son, Collin, is currently in Asia doing a summer study abroad program (he’ll be all over Seoul, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Singapore). He’s getting his master’s degree in architecture. Nolan and Emma (his precious girlfriend) send us photos and I LOVE that. Collin? Not so much. I have to pull photos off of Instagram – ha!! Once he returns later in June I’ll get to see and hear all about the trip. All this to say, my favorite photos are of my children.

We hope to take a trip to Philly to see Nolan and Emma but with my husband’s upcoming surgery, our plans are on hold.

This weekend we have plans to go to the beach on Saturday but nothing beyond that. I mentioned going to a nearby little town we enjoy and checking out some of the antique shops so we’ll see. But I am looking forward to a long weekend. Memorial Day is such an emotional holiday. I don’t know about you, but when I see shows like Master’s of the Air and the realization of what was at stake, what war was like, and the loss of life I have a whole new appreciation for our military. God bless the USA!

Of course there will be sales galore this weekend – and most have already started! There are a few that caught my eye!

Print Fresh – my favorite cotton pajamas in vibrant and fun prints. Great sale right now, shop it all here.

Madewell – 25% off including my favorite Transport Tote – I have had mine for almost 5 years and it is a rockstar! I travel with all the time, by far the best tote I have ever owned. Worth every single penny.

JCrew – I love everything at JCrew and at 40% off sitewide?? OMG!!! Shop it all here.

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