5 Tips to Be Holiday Ready in No Time

Today I’ve got 5 easy ways to get you looking holiday ready! These 5 tips are easy to employ and can work with your current wardrobe basics. They’ll help you feel festive and stylish with… View Post

Affordable Dress for the Holidays

The holidays can be expensive in many ways – gifts to buy, special foods to make, dinners out, cards to send, the list goes on and on. If you’re a fashionista you’ll also need to… View Post

How to Style Sequin Leggings

This time of year calls for all the extra! Extra treats, extra cheer, extra sparkle & shine. So today I’ll address how to style sequin leggings because if any time of year is perfect for… View Post

Style Six Link Up – What to Wear on Christmas Day

Today is all about what to wear on Christmas Day. Of course it all depends on wear you live and what you’re planning for that day but a regardless of that kind of minutiae –… View Post

The Look for Less

Did you ever see the show “The Look for Less”? I think it was on E! I was obsessed, but I loved all the makeover shows #ripwhatnottowear. I’m a follower of lots of blogs and… View Post

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