Wearing a Sheer Sleeved Duster and Weekend Wrap Up

Before getting to the weekend, let me share with you this beautiful and unique sheer sleeved duster. It’s called the Garden Duster and it comes in both black and white. It’s such a fun completer piece for warmer weather – I think you’re gonna love it!

I was delighted when Coco + Ash sent me a box of goodies, each and every piece is pretty, well made, and affordable. They gave me a code KELLYANN40 to share with my readers – you’ll get 40% off and free shipping! While I’ve already shared the Pink Palm Dress, my favorite blue duster and other pieces on Instagram but I still have more!

Living in Florida where the heat is intense has me on the lookout for items that are stylish and also comfortable. Sure it would be easy to hang out in a tank top, shorts, and flip flops everyday but I am not that woman. So take a look at how I styled the Garden Duster in black and in white!

I thought the black would be fun styled for a night out. Maybe a happy hour or dinner alfresco. Shorts and a heeled sandal were obvious choices to be the heat yet still look fabulous!

Black duster + Short + Black Heeled Sandal
Shorts || Tank c/o Coco + Ash || Sandals || Necklace || Earrings

Let me just mention the tank I am wearing, it was gifted to me from Coco + Ash. It is easily the only tank you need. The straps are thick enough that you can wear a regular bra and it comes away from the body ever so slightly. Perfection since it doesn’t cling to any lumps or bumps. It comes in 7 colors and I want one of each! With my code KELLYANN40 it will cost less than $21! Shipped!

Last Monday I shared what I’d wearing for Mother’s Day. Well, speaking of mothers, Mother Nature had different plans for our weather. It ended up being much cooler and overcast, not pool weather. Here’s what I wore instead!

White Duster + Distressed Denim + Pink Heels
Similar Denim|| Heels || Necklace || Earrings
White Duster + Distressed Denim + Pink Heels

You may wonder what the point of sheer sleeves is – I say they provide a little coverage and also keep you cool. Many women aren’t comfortable with bare arms but who wants to wear a hot jacket all the time? I am simply in love with the embroidery on the Garden Duster – the colors are so pretty!

As far as the weekend goes…Friday we held my mother in law’s funeral. I haven’t mentioned her passing on the blog yet but I did share it on my Instagram stories. She was 87 years old and had suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years. My husband has had her power of attorney and directed her care (along with her husband’s when he was alive as well as her sister). It was exhausting but he did such a great job. He had her prepay her funeral arrangements some time ago so when she passed we were having a funeral quarantine style! The service was lovely!

Guess what? I’m wearing the Blue Bell Dress from Coco + Ash!

Saturday I went on a very long walk and then sat outside reading. It was a nice day but a little too breezy for the pool. We ordered Italian from our favorite restaurant. Inside the bag was a handwritten thank you note for our support, so sweet! We finished watching Waco and then watched the Jerry Seinfeld special 23 Hours to Kill, it was hysterical!

Sunday morning I caught up on my guilty pleasure, The Real Housewives. I am recording Beverly Hills and New York. My boys can’t stand it, Nolan complains that just by hearing the show he is losing brain cells and Collin can’t understand why anyone would want to look like them! I enjoy seeing their hair, make up, and clothing but I really hope that they are acting the way they do for entertainment purposes only. They are petty, jealous, and conniving but I am hooked!

I went on my walk and then came home to get ready for lunch. We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant on UCF”s campus called Gringos Locos – it’s not at all crowded and it felt good to be out.

Fish tacos and Sangria for the win!

The rest of the day was spent at home, relaxing and watching TV. I made a cobbler for dessert using Lisa’s recipe, which is by far the EASIEST and most delicious cobbler. EVER.

I hope your weekend was a good one! I’ll see you back here on Wednesday friends, until then I hope you are able to find joy in each day!

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