Friday Favorites – Goodbye October!

Trying my best not to sound so cliche but, “where the heck did October go?” Honestly, I feel like I blinked and it’s Halloween. Do you have any plans? We are going to a friend’s house and we’re dressing up! I NEVER do that – honestly I don’t care much for costumes but I’m learning to step outside of my comfort zone every now and again. I’ll be sure to share pictures on Instagram!

I’ve been on the struggle bus since returning from Nashville. It didn’t help that our house is undergoing some major renovations and we’ve had a slew of workmen in and out. It also didn’t help that my entire closet had to be emptied and stored elsewhere (my dining room). So, yeah, I’ve been off my game this week, at least that’s how it feels. Despite all of that, I definitely have some favorites to share with you this week!

Favorite #1

I could devote an entire post to my brother but you may not find it nearly as interesting or compelling on this platform. My heart is bursting with joy and goodness this week because he is recovering so well! Here’s the deal: my brother was diagnosed with a GIST . This is the 2nd time he has had a rare kind of cancer, the first time was about 12 years ago. He had Burkitt’s Type Lymphoma. How a person ends up with 2 weird kinds of cancer is mind boggling. He found this latest cancer last year, right after the death of our niece. He started oral chemotherapy to shrink the tumor and it finally got to the point where it could be surgically removed.

So on October 21 he had what was left of the tumor removed, 60% of his liver removed, his gall bladder removed, and 18 inches of small intestine removed. That’s a lot, right? Recovery will be long and he was expected to stay in the hospital 10 days. However, he was able to come home this week. He will need to take the chemotherapy indefinitely, which is a major bummer. The side effects are unpleasant but so is the alternative. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes – no doubt that is why he has beaten the odds and recovered so well!

Favorite #2

So, last week in Nashville was terrific! One of my very favorite parts of this trip was no doubt getting to spend about 24 hours with Lisa! My husband and son had met Lisa before but this time they got to meet her precious daughter. Katie is studying to be a PA and when Nolan complained about ear pain, we let her do her thing!

Favorite #3

Being away from home made me realize that I don’t want to be without my blow dryer. Ever again. I decided to leave it at home and use the one at the AirBnB. I will not make that mistake again. My hair ended up with little knots and tangles. I highly recommend and think it would make a super gift!

Favorite #4

The Fall Sephora sale is right around the corner. I love cosmetics and this sale gives me an opportunity to stock up on my favorites and try some new ones all at a discount. This is a tiered sale and depending on your level you can save between 10 and 20% off of everything. My status is VIB so I get 15% off – that may not seem like a lot but it adds up. Here’s what’s on my radar:

Favorite #5

Don’t forget the Target BOGO 50% off sale is going strong but ends on Saturday. I shared two cute sweaters on Wednesday. Having limited access to my clothes (because they are all in a huge pile on my dining room table) meant that I couldn’t quite style my clothes this week the way I wanted. But here are two other looks with the colorblock cardi (because I ADORE it!)

I think it’s super cute with a corduroy skirt too! Perfect for mild fall weather! Still loving these boots too.

Now, if only the cooler weather would appear…

Have a wonderful weekend friends, I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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