Friday Favorites: Amazon Purchases

It’s been a hot minute since I did an Amazon round up. So today I bring you a round up of what’s been showing up at my door lately! I’m linking up with Tanya too so check our her blog to see lots more Amazon goodness.

When I started drafting this post Wednesday morning, this precious dress was set to arrive in late June. To my surprise it showed up Wednesday afternoon! This is what I’ll be wearing for Memorial Day! It’s affordable, on trend and feels like a dream.

Tie Dye Dress + Sneakers
Guess what I’ll be wearing on Memorial Day?

By far my favorite purchase from Amazon has been these blue tooth wireless ear buds. I use them on my walks, when I’m doing things around the house, or sitting by the pool. They stay charged forever, come in a great case, and setting them up to use is super easy! P.S. these would make a great graduation gift!

I may be the only adult woman who can’t stand plucking stray eyebrow hairs because it hurts, so this eyebrow trimmer has been a blessing. I’m not a fan of waxing either – they always take off too much. But this is perfect, it doesn’t hurt and does a good job of removing those little hairs that pop up.

My sneakers were definitely a fun purchase and I was surprised at just how comfortable they are! I shared them recently here.

White Denim + Red Tee + Sneakers
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For Mother’s Day I bought myself and my sister a new cover up! We have since scheduled a week vacation at the beach for the end of July. Fingers crossed it happens!

Pink Swimsuit Cover Up
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My husband asked me if we had a waffle maker and I remembered ours had broken and got thrown out. Amazon to the rescue! I love this little one – it won’t take up much storage space and it’s PINK! It does come in other colors of course, but how could I say no to pink?

Amazon has become a great place for belts. All of the belts I’ve purchased have been great and so affordable. This straw woven belt did not disappoint!

Target Pink Dress
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I keep a list on Amazon of things I want to purchase. Want to know what’s on it? Take a look!

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