Best Amazon Purchases of 2019

I am so excited to join Tanya for the best Amazon purchases of 2019! Sharing my faves is only part of it – I cannot WAIT to see what everyone else shares! The link up goes live tomorrow, December 3 so you can check out the link up then. Since I have Ageless Style tomorrow I posted today.

So here are my faves and why they made the list!

The Revlon Volumizer is definitely a favorite. My beloved John Frieda model bit the dust in the UK (despite using a converter). This one has been a great replacement. It leaves my hair smooth and shiny!

This clothing steamer is such a favorite of mine I am getting one for each of my college boys! It’s easy to use, small, and ready in a matter of seconds!

While I don’t wear belts very often this belt is so good I own it in two colors! Black and leopard!

When I bought these pants for my husband I was hoping they’d fit well and they do! We both love the look of a flat front and they wash and wear like a dream!

My love for these earrings run strong and deep. They look great with everything AND would make a fabulous GIFT!

I feel strongly that everyone needs this make up bag! It is the best and so versatile because you can customize and move the dividers to your liking.

And finally, my very favorite purchase from 2019 is this bathing suit. I was so impressed with it I bought it in two colors. I also got one for my mom. The support it provides is amazing!

So what have your favorite purchases been from Amazon for 2019? Do tell!

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