Friday Favorites – February Prime Edition

This Friday has me smiling ear to ear! We have plans on Saturday night to attend a party for my brother in law’s birthday and spring break starts for my boys! My oldest is not coming home because he is going on a cruise with his roommates. But my youngest will be home the whole week – yay!!!

The last Friday of the month means it’s time to share what I purchased on Prime this month – it’s quite a list too. The good news is I really only had one miss and the rest were all hits! On Tuesday I’ll be linking up with Tanya  and checking out what everyone else has been priming.

Let’s get to it! I have auto-renewal on my collagen so that’s a given and arrives each month like clock work. I enjoy it in my coffee and credit it with helping ease my achy joints and strengthening my fine, thin hair.

I’ll blame the unusually high temperatures for my dress obsession.  I’ve worn these dresses a few times each already and they wash up like a dream! Remember
this babydoll dress?Amazon Baby Doll Dress

Then there’s this tiered dress.  I love this dress! Boho Dress + Wedges

My wide leg cropped jeans are also a favorite. So comfortable and stylish all at a great price point.Black Bodysuit + Wide Leg Cropped Denim

So this weekend we are attending a party for my brother in law’s 60th birthday. It’s going to be quite the affair – a caterer and a DJ! I was planning to wear this jumpsuit. It is supposed to be kind of cold so I may end up wearing something different. But I like this jumpsuit so much I have considered buying another in blue.Red jumpsuit + Leopard heels

It seems I have gone on and on about my colorful tile bracelets. I ordered a set in black and white and guess what? They are sold out! But these are and white tile bracelets

If you have not yet snagged a set of colorful tile bracelets do it NOW! You will want these! Buy this set !  I am wearing mine in the picture above with the red jumpsuit.

Who doesn’t love longer, fuller eye lashes? These magnetic lashes are definitely a favorite. As much as I love wearing false eyelashes for special occasions I don’t always love the glue and the mess I make with it. These work like a charm – swipe on the eyeliner and attach the lashes – voila!

I needed a new case for both my glasses and sunglasses and ended up loving
this case so much I ordered two! It’s great because it folds up when not in use and takes up less space! It also comes in so many color options, what’s not to love?

I noticed my dishwasher smelling a little “funky” and then Tanya shared this dishwasher cleaner. Total game changer! Love it!

I also ordered this 3 piece set of wood beads. They look fantastic in my family room. These beads just add a special touch to a vase, lamp, or tray!wood beads on vase

Oh yeah, the one miss I had? Remember
this top? I am still heartbroken over it not working but you know, you win some, you lose some! Black Jeans + Black Tank + Hi Lo Top
Of course since it’s Friday I am linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika for Friday Favorites!

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