Friday Favorites #57

How was your week? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way? We had dinner out! It’s the first time in years we’ve actually gone out on Valentine’s Day. Usually we make something special at home but this year since we’re empty nesters we took advantage of it and went out! It got dark as we were leaving and of course got no pictures at the restaurant, I wore the outfit below with a few minor adjustments. I wore my leopard booties (I need a pedicure desperately) and a gold tone necklace from Baublebar.#RedPants Red Top

I am devoting this Friday Favorites to all the things I love! So first up, I am crazy about my sweet husband. But it’s hard to find a gift for him and to make matters worse, his birthday is 5 days after Valentine’s Day! My husband is the most practical man on the planet and very easy to please. He told me he needed cologne and we both like this one . I used my bonus points at Ulta and got it for less than half price! I bought him some chocolate from Godiva and then as a surprise I got him this from Amazon!

I love my sons too! Not having them here means I have to ship gifts to them but luckily Collin was home and headed back to school on Monday so he was able to transport my little gifts! Candy and money make my college boys very happy!Valentines

I love my new jeans from Gap too! I have become obsessed with flare leg cropped denim. In fact I ordered a second pair from Old Navy that are a little shorter. This is a trend I love and will wear all year. Right now with booties, and in warmer weather with wedges or even flat sandals. So versatile! Are you a fan?

Another love this week? This Podcast my friend Chrissy told me about. I mentioned on Monday that I hit a wall with blogging and my gal pals showed up in a big way. Sometimes I need to get out of my own head, ya know? In any case this podcast has been so motivating and I cannot stop listening! Check it out!Influencer Podcast

You know what else I love? Nice things that surprise me! Last week was National School Counseling week. While the idea behind it is to raise awareness about what we do, it never fails that someone shows a little love. Our administration made me this: Kellyann heart I just loved it! A parent also sent the NICEST email to me and cc’d my principal. The same parent had her sons make my co-counselor and I each a video, it was priceless! The funny thing is that I work in a virtual school. So many people think it’s impossible to bond with students in this setting but it’s not. What’s in your heart is evident no matter where you are!

Just in case you missed it this week, I shared some fun posts this week! On Monday I shared this post that included a Love loop with The Blended Blog. On Tuesday I shared my first order from Prime Wardrobe here. Then on Wednesday I dressed like my friend Jess, you can check that post out here. If you aren’t already following me on Instagram, please do so! Also don’t forget to sign up to follow me by email – that way you’ll never miss a post!

Here’s hoping your weekend is a terrific one! Hopefully you have Monday off and can enjoy a 3 day weekend! I just realized I have it off – it’s funny because I love my job and don’t find myself counting down the days until we have a vacation day. It’s still a nice surprise because I can sleep in! See you Monday my friends!

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