Love Loop and Three Things

Happy Monday and here’s hoping you are approaching this day with renewed energy after a full weekend! Maybe you celebrated Valentine’s Day early or just spent time unwinding it was your weekend and I hope it was great. Today The Blended Blog is doing a Love Loop, so hopefully you came here after visiting sweet Katie of The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life and when you’re done reading here you’ll head over to my friend Vanessa of X-tremely V!

I spent Friday night working on my CEUs for the renewal of my mental health license and then fell down the black hole of researching things for my blog. My dad’s hospice doctor told us my dad is no longer able to leave the house, his heart can’t handle the stress put on it. This was devastating, especially to my mom who has been getting him out of the house several times a week. I refuse to let that interfere with the fact that he is still with us. So yes, things are deteriorating but all this time has been such a bonus and a blessing, how can I complain? We ordered Chinese (chicken and veggies for me with no rice) and then I fell asleep watching Netflix!

Saturday I was up bright and early working on the blog. The rest of the day was devoted to errands and then dinner out! Collin was home with us this weekend and that brought me joy. He’s so easy going and fun to have around. Especially when he gets crazy ideas like driving my new car. He started asking me on Friday afternoon if he could use it to go play golf. Um, no. He kept at it. My husband overheard but wanted me to stand my ground on my own so he didn’t intervene. No worries I called in reinforcements (Lisa). She gave him the what for via Marco Polo, such a blessing that she met him in person last summer so it wasn’t weird. He handled it like a pro and backed off, ha!

Sunday we had planned to celebrate my dad’s birthday with the whole family. Unfortunately the plans changed because some other events came up. Brian, Collin, and I went to my parents house to celebrate with my dad and mom. We brought steaks and I made this pie. My dad loves German Chocolate.German Chocolate Pie

Our prompt for today was to share a joyful post. This one may be a mixed bag but I hope the recurring theme is one of joy. Last week I hit rock bottom with my blog. Since early in January when I switched commenting platforms I have been struggling. All of my email subscribers were lost so I am basically starting from square one. April will be my 3rd blogaversary and that also means all the fees are due to keep this space going. This gave me pause – do I continue or cash out and move on? My gal pals let me vent and not only that they showed up in big ways with all kinds of help to get me turned around.


I’d be lost without these ladies!

So the importance of having supportive friends cannot be overlooked. Never mind they are not in my physical space each day, they know what I’m dealing with and can relate. I say this because I hope you create friendships like that, embrace online friendships as well as IRL ones! On that note – if you haven’t been receiving my blog via email, please sign up at the right. If you read the blog from your phone go to the top where it says “Meet the Blonde” it’s up there, thanks to my friend Susan for helping me find that! It takes a village people!Something else that brings me joy is supporting other women and I am happy to participate in my sweet friend Laura of The Horton Family and her 3 Things for February!

  1. Last week I made a birthday dessert for a friend – it was a surprise and something she loves!
  2. My current situation is one of questioning as I am considering some changes. It’s not always easy but I find whispering or saying to myself “Jesus, help me” is always a comfort.
  3. The quality I most admire in others? Integrity.

Now it’s time to head over to visit my friend Vanessa and her blog X-tremely V. You’ll love this beauty! Vanessa is a lover of sports (Cleveland Browns number one fan!) and camo. She puts it all together so well and you’ll love her! Go say hi!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about Amazon Prime Wardrobe and my experience, you won’t want to miss it!

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