Amazon Prime Wardrobe: Yay or Nay

Hi friends and welcome to Tuesday! Today I am sharing my experiences with Amazon Prime Wardrobe. I bet you’re like me and thinking is there anything Amazon can’t do? The concept is genius. Select items and try them in the comfort of your home for 7 days. Then simply return what you don’t want and enjoy what you do. For some crazy reason I have nice dresses on the brain and felt the need to pick out a few I wanted to try. I was looking for dresses that could be worn for events like weddings, graduations, and work meetings. I have plenty of casual dresses but felt the need to take it up a notch. So here’s what I selected and how it worked out.

The first dress I ordered in two sizes, a size 6 and a size 8. This dress is from the brand Lark & Ro. I tried both sizes on but the 6 just felt so tight, I preferred the 8. This dress zips up the back and I had to have my husband help me zip it up because I’m no contortionist.  That was a deal breaker for me, I don’t like needing help to get dressed (why can’t I be Lady Mary and have a ladies maid?). Also? Not a fan of it on me. I will say the quality was excellent! The material is thick enough to smooth most bumps and bulges – I refuse to wear shapewear because it’s too hot.It’s reasonably priced at just $39 and comes in a variety of colors.#AmazonBlueDress


The second dress is the one my husband liked best. I think it’s horrible on me. I ordered it in a medium and maybe I should have gotten a large? I think it is awful on my body. I am short waisted with a large chest and a tummy. I had high hopes for this one because i have nothing like it in my closet, now I know why I don’t have anything like it in my closet – ha! It is well made and I love that the zipper is on the side and well concealed. This dress would be perfect for just about any occasion. It’s too bad it didn’t work for me.#AmazonBerryDress


The third and final dress was my favorite but not my husband’s. I love the red color and the sweet ruffle hem. I am wearing a medium in it. It’s lightweight and I do wish the jersey was just a tad thicker but overall I really liked this one. At $49 the price is not bad but since I own a few other wrap dresses and my husband wasn’t a fan I sent it back.#AmazonRedRuffleDress


So here are a few things I learned about Prime Wardrobe:

  • you need to pick out at least 3 items and up to 8
  • not all clothing, shoes, and accessories on Amazon are Prime Wardrobe pieces – so look for pieces marked “Prime Wardrobe”
  • your order will not arrive in the typical 2 days you’re used to – mine took almost a week, the typical ship time is 4-6 days
  • all 4 of the dresses I ordered came in a tiny bag which meant they were a wrinkled mess – I hung them to let the wrinkles out so it took several days to do photos. I was afraid to iron them in case something went wrong since I knew after a quick try on I wouldn’t be keeping them
  • you pay NOTHING unless you decide to keep a piece
  • the bag or box your order arrives in can be used to return your items and the return label in include

My overall opinion? I enjoyed the process and will definitely order again! In fact my older son is hoping to get an internship this summer and he’ll need some business clothes. I will encourage him to use this service since it is so convenient!

Have you tried Prime Wardrobe yet? I’d love to know your experience!

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