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Today The Blended Blog fashion theme is to dress like someone else. Fun, huh? You know how we get influenced by the people we surround ourselves with? That’s the impetus for today’s prompt in my mind at least. Here’s a little nugget of truth for you. Every year when I spoke with the 5th graders and their parents at the end of the year awards ceremony I always told them that their friends were like elevators. They’d either take them up or bring them down so choose wisely those you surround yourself with. Good advice not only for 5th graders but for us as well! I like to think that the friends I surround myself in the blogging world help elevate my style!

In the last year I’ve developed a wonderful friendship with Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylsih.She is supermodel gorgeous on the outside and is just as beautiful on the inside. She has influenced me to try things like Poshmark but I am also inspired by her elegant style. Truth be told, I would love to dress elegantly every day but working from home doesn’t necessarily require that. In any case today is a tribute to my friend Jess and her style!


When you visit her blog you’ll notice she wears great jackets, blazers, and cardigans. She scores great deals on Poshmark and gets expensive pieces for a fraction of the cots. Following her lead I scored this Liz Claiborne pink plaid blazer from Poshmark. It was brand new and I paid way well under $30 for it including shipping! I paired it with my new tie waist blue pants from Loft and my white boots from Target.
#PinkPlaidBlazer I wore a strappy white camisole from TopShop I purchased at Nordstrom under my jacket since it was in the 80’s when I wore this last Thursday. So where was I going all dressed up? To my former elementary school to judge an oration contest. This outfit turned out to be so comfortable I kept it on all day! These photos were snapped at 3pm as we were getting ready to head to Gainesville to pick up Collin. I point this out because gosh, these pants from Loft held their shape all day. I did take the blazer off during the day while I was working and put on a cardigan.

Something else you’ll notice about Jess is she loves a good brooch. I have several from over the years. I recently purchased this Flamingo brooch and couldn’t wait to wear it with this jacket! Take a look, isn’t it the cutest?#PinkFlamingoBrooch

Here’s the long cardigan I wore during the day while working from home. It’s several years old from American Eagle. I thought you might like to see these tie waist pants from Loft with something other than the jacket. #LoftTieWaistPants

So do you have a friend whose style inspires you? Have you found yourself reaching for pieces and thinking of that friend? I love the idea of being inspired by someone and putting your own twist on a look. I’ve done it many times before go here to check it out.


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