Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Here’s hoping your weekend was a good one and that we’re all settling into our new normal. Until things return to the old normal I’ll continue to post a weekend wrap up.

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Friday night we ordered pizza and ate on our back patio. A cool front came through and we actually had to light the fire pit. It was a beautiful evening. After dinner the boys had to study so my husband and I caught up on Better Call Saul.

Saturday I slept in (until 9am!!) and then began baking the chocolate cheesecake my boys requested for Easter dinner. I used this recipe. I did some cleaning and then decided to pull out the Easter decorations and I am glad I did. I had forgotten how pretty they are and what a smile they bring to my face. I did laundry and watched Agatha Christie’s Pale Horse on Amazon and then started Tales from the Loop. I recommend both!

Glad I pulled out my decorations, they bring me joy!

Since we wouldn’t be seeing my mother on Easter I made one of her favorite recipes and had my older son drop it off to her. I know nothing she enjoyed seeing at least one of her grandsons! My younger son worked all weekend on a huge architecture project so we really only saw him at meal time.

Saturday night I made salmon and roasted potatoes and we watched The Soprano’s. All in all a pretty relaxing Saturday.

Easter Sunday morning after reading my devotional I made cinnamon rolls. Have you ever tried the Sister Schubert brand? So. Good. Then I headed outside to walk and listen to our church service. I really enjoyed being outside and listening, the music was incredible and even if I couldn’t be there in person I still felt incredibly blessed.

It was kinda weird to walk by my church while listening to it!

Then it was time to get cooking! I made prime rib, sweet potato casserole, and green bean casserole. We also had rolls. I had planned to pull out my good china but decided against it since my dining room is a makeshift architecture studio!

These two…love them so much!

The chocolate cheesecake made for a delicious dessert! I spent the majority of it in my kitchen but that seems to be my happy place so I am not complaining. That about wraps it up for Easter 2020, how was your weekend?

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