Random Friday Favorites

Another Friday, another round up of favorites over here on the blog! I am thrilled to have you join me! Speaking of joining, as usual I am joining:

Favorite #1

If you follow me on Instagram I hinted at a special gift for my brother. Next week (Oct. 21) he’ll be having major surgery. He’s battling cancer for a 2nd time. With Covid restrictions no one (except his wife) will be able to visit him in the hospital. The surgery is an 8 hour ordeal and then he’ll be in the hospital for 10 days. I had this poster made of our family so even though we can’t be there physically, he can still feel surrounded by loved ones and happy times! I highly recommend this type of gift – I ordered from Walgreens and it was ready within hours of my order! Gotta think outside the box in these unusual times. He loved it, I gave it to him on Saturday night when our family got together.

My baby brother and me! I love this guy so much!
So clearly I need to do a better job hiding the remote!

Favorite #2

If, like the rest of us, you seem to be on the hunt for the next great show to watch, I have one for you! Halt and Catch Fire (Netflix) is sooooooo good! The name is weird and does not do the series justice but trust me, you need to watch it. There are 4 seasons and I have to say I am so sad it’s over. I can honestly say this one of my favorite series of all times!

You can read a bit about it here. It’s been called, “the greatest show nobody watched” and I think that’s true. So do yourself a favor and watch it now. My husband and I both loved it!

Favorite #3

Yesterday was our 26th anniversary, so this guy has to be a favorite! Maybe he should have been #1? Oh well, after 26 years of marriage and 28 together, he knows his place.

We aren’t big “celebration” people and gifts are not my love language (quality time is). Last year we took a big trip to celebrate our 25th and this year we are in the throes of a home renovation. That’s what 26 years of marriage looks like for us!

Favorite #4

This week I shared my new combat boots!!!! ICYMI check out those posts, here and here. I know, who am I? But y’all, I am in love with them. They are edgy and fun and such a welcome change. I wore them on Saturday night and my 4 year old niece had to break out hers!

Not only are those boots a favorite but so was my new dress. I love mixing something so feminine like the dress with something edgy like the combat boots. Don’t forget you can use my code TBSB20 to get 20% off here. The discount is good through November 13.

Favorite #5

Have you noticed how everywhere you look, all kinds of new purse straps are available? I wasn’t really understanding it at first but now I get it. It’s a fun way to accessorize and add new life to a handbag.

I fell in love with this one from Hello Happiness. It sells out quickly so I signed up to be notified by email when it was available. When it arrived on Tuesday I was smitten. It is gorgeous, well made, and really changes up the look of my crossbody!

Favorite #6

If you are starting to feel like I am on a boot buying binge you’d be right! But I have wanted a pair of cognac booties (with a heel) for awhile. The problem? I could never find a pair that worked on my Fred Flinstone feet. But this pair changed it all. They are on sale too! BOGO 50% off!

Boots || Jeans || Blouse

Favorite #7

My favorite outfit from this week is one I will hopefully be wearing soon! I swear I am willing the cold weather to make an appearance in Central Florida! This poncho is great y’all! It’s cut in a way that is so darn flattering and you will not look like a blob in it!

Poncho || Best Black Skinnies!

One more thing before you go…on Wednesday 10/21, my brother (pictured above) will be having surgery and I would most certainly appreciate your prayers and positive vibes!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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