What I Bought in August – Closet Confessions

I’m late getting around to posting this but I am dedicated to continuing to review and share my purchases with you! The purpose of this series is to help me think through my purchases by… View Post

July Closet Confessions

July Closet Confessions A new month means it’s time for a round up of last month’s purchases, otherwise known as Closet Confessions. Each month this year I am tracking my purchases and spilling all the… View Post

Closet Confessions – June

Thank you for joining me for this edition of Closet Confessions – June. In this series I share what I bought, why, and how much I spent. This is important to me as I work… View Post

Closet Confessions: May Purchases

It’s that time again! Time to come clean about my clothing purchases in May. I’m enjoying doing this each month and you all seem to like it too. If you’re new here, this is a… View Post

Closet Confessions: April

April went by in a flash but I continued to keep track of my monthly purchases and share it all with you! So it’s time again for Closet Confessions: April. My purchases were good this… View Post

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