What I Bought in April

Now that May is almost over I guess it’s time to share what I bought in April, 2024! I certainly had not planned on waiting so long but better late than never. Spoiler alert: I… View Post

Purchased in February

Welcome to another edition of Closet Confessions! This time I am sharing what I purchased in February. Spoiler alert: the month started off slowly and I was thinking I’d barely have anything to share. But,… View Post

January 2024 Closet Confessions

If you have been around for awhile, you might remember my series, Closet Confessions from 2022. It’s back! My reason for sharing what I bought in the previous month is simple: I learn from my… View Post

November Purchases

It’s time to see my November purchases and figure out what I’ve spent on clothing this year. I am debating continuing with this next year and including shoes and accessories too – we shall see!… View Post

October Closet Confessions

I have a confession to make: I nearly forgot about this post! November is whizzing by and I’ll soon be writing my November Closet Confessions! So today is the day to share my favorite Fall… View Post

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