Prime Purchases in March

The beginning of another month means it’s time to come clean about Amazon Prime Purchases made last month. As per usual, I will be linking up with Tanya, for her Prime Purchases monthly link up.

The name of the game for me this month was finding a dress to wear for graduation pictures. When I step back and think about this, I realize I’ve wasted so much energy (as well as brain cells) over this; I will be in a just a few photos with my son and husband! But I’ve bought and returned dress after dress. When my older son graduated from UF in December, 2020, I simply grabbed a dress I already owned and that was that. Why is this one different? No answer. But let’s move on from my crazy, shall we?

Prime Purchases – Dresses

The only clothing I purchased this month from Amazon was dresses. I’ve shared them on Instagram and this post. But here’s the bottom line: I purchased 11 dresses and have kept two. For some reason I only have photos of nine.

Prime Purchase – Earrings & Belt

I purchased these small gold earrings. I had such good luck with these hoops that I figured these would be great for days when I just wanted something small that wouldn’t tangle in my hair. I was attracted to the fact that they don’t have a back (because I lose them frequently). Initially I liked them but after a few wears I felt like they were starting to loosen and I was afraid they were not closing completely so back they went. Maybe this particular pair was defective?

This belt got rave reviews from a YouTuber I follow. She swore it looked expensive despite the low price. I disagree – from the moment it arrived it smelled like plastic and looked cheap. Back it went!

Prime Purchase – Household Items

I had great luck with household items in March. I purchased these moss balls to use in a decorative bowl. I am pleased with the size and quality.

Another purchase was this dryer vent cleaning tool. It sucks the lint out of the dryer vent. My husband is less impressed with this than I am but I saw someone use it on TikTok and I had to have it. Have you seen this before?

This CLR garbage disposal cleaner is impressive. I am using it once a week. These kinds of things always grab my attention. Washing machine cleaner? Yes, please. Dishwasher cleaning tablets? Ditto. Next up, the coffee machine descaling tablets.

Prime Purchase – Favorite Brush Cleaner

Although it pains me to spend this much on a make up brush cleaner, this one is magical. For years I swore by IT Cosmetics Brush Bath but this one works more quickly and dries super fast. There’s a reason it is #1 on so many beauty bloggers lists of must haves.

Prime Purchase – Back Stretcher

Preppy Empty Nester Katie recommends such great products and writes a fun blog. I ordered this back stretcher and I can honestly say, I look forward to using it daily. It takes just 5 minutes but my back feels so good afterwards. Now…if I could only find something to help me get up from the floor more easily!

Favorite Prime Purchase in March

I believe I actually ordered this at the end of February but it arrived in March. Regardless, it is my favorite and I have used it every single day. My eyebrows are thinning and very light. Now that I’ve let my hair go back to its natural color, they needed serious help. Also? I am not at all skilled with drawing on brows. Enter this stamping product. It comes with stencils, an applicator, a spooly and brush, and waterproof eyebrow color. Look at the difference it makes!

Your Turn

Have you found anything fabulous on Prime lately? I’d love to know! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by today and reading. Be sure to check out Tanya’s post and all the bloggers who link up the first Tuesday of the month to share their Prime Purchases.

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