Visiting Killarney

Another Monday, another trip re-cap!I promise we are nearing the end; Ireland was the last leg of our trip and the place we stayed the longest. A few nights in Killarney and then we were off to Dublin. Today I’ll share our visit to the beautiful city of Killarney!

Cahernane House

From Edinburgh we flew into Shannon, Ireland. We were met by our driver for what seemed like a very long drive. It took close to 2 hours after a short detour. But once we arrived at the Cahernane House nothing else mattered – this place looked magical, magestic, and like the stuff my Irish dreams are made of! It was built in 1877 and was full of all the character you’d imagine from that time period.Fireplace

A fire was burning in the fireplace upon our arrival and we were greeted by the most welcoming staff! As we made our way to our room I laughed because the hallway reminded me of Stephen King’s The Shining!


Doesn’t this remind you of The Shining?

We decided to spend the afternoon walking and exploring before taking a horse and carriage ride. The carriage ride was wonderful and the driver was so entertaining! We had to laugh because apparently a hurricane was due to hit the next day. Seriously? Do these things follow us or what?Horse & Carriage

On the ride we stopped at a castle, Ross Castle to be exact. Our driver told us in Ireland ABC stands for “Another Bloody Castle” – hahaha, I get it, there are so many castles!Ross Castle


We ate lunch and dinner at the Cahernane House. Both meals were delicious! Our room was large and even had a billiards table. One thing we always do is travel with playing cards and you can bet we played several hands before retiring for the night. Breakfast was served the next morning in the upstairs dining room and it was magnificent!

Breakfast is served!

We were scheduled to tour the Ring of Kerry. It was an all day tour with stops along the way. It was a great way to see just how diverse the land is in Ireland. We went from lush, green pastures to ocean side towns with little houses dotting the landscape.

Although the hurricane had weakened in strength it brought quite a bit of rain and wind. it was nice nonetheless to see the landscape of Ireland and to hear the tales our tour guide told.Thatch Roof

Inside one of the thatch roof homes.

One of our first stops was at a thatch roof village, Glenbeigh Commons. These homes were constructed during the famine – large families lived in these small huts alongside their livestock. What struck me most was how faithful the Irish were during such devastating times. Each home had at least one religious statue – either the Virgin Mary or Jesus.

Always faithful!

Lunch was Irish stew and it was the perfect thing to eat on a cold, windy,rainy day! Upon returning to the Cahernane House we relaxed for a bit by walking the beautiful grounds. That night we walked into town and had dinner at Murphy’s pub. Dinner was good (another fish ‘n chips!) and we enjoyed walking through town.

Killarney was quaint, charming, and quiet. I wish we could have stayed at the Cahernane House longer but we were on our way to Dublin. Everyone we spoke to told us how much we’d love Dublin – and we did like it – but  Killarney was much less hectic and so much more relaxed.

Cahernane House at night

The next morning we got up to catch the train to Dublin.  I was sorry to leave Killarney and the Cahernane House. I feel like I left a little piece of my heart there – and if you follow me on Instagram you know I left one of my favorite bracelets there. I actually lost it and didn’t realize it (of course) until we were half way to Dublin. My hope is that someone finds it and loves it like I did!

You can find my recap of our trip to London here and Edinburgh here.

Make this Monday wonderful friends!

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