Visiting Edinburgh, Scotland aka Trip Recap Part 2

Hello Monday and hello friends! Here’s hoping your weekend was a good one. Mine kicked off with a trip to Trader Joe’s on Friday morning. I swear that’s a dangerous place. But that’s not what I am here to drone on and on about now is it? Nope. Today I’m sharing the 2nd leg of our trip. You can find the first installment here.welcome to edinburgh

So, after leaving London on a tiny little plane we arrived in Edinburg, Scotland. Arriving nice and early in the morning gave us the only free day we had so we made the most of it despite the rain. We were so pleasantly surprised by the location of our hotel. It was one block over from the Royal Mile and the Edinburgh Castle! Have I mentioned how much we love our travel agent? We do. We stayed at the Grassmarket Hotel. It was a fun, boutique hotel with such a friendly and helpful staff.


The view from one of our windows.

Edinburgh Castle

Windy, rainy, and cold but we’re still smiling!

After dropping our bags at the hotel we set off to the castle. It was magnificent! So was the whiskey tasting!Edinburgh

After the castle we walked down the Royal Mile and enjoyed the bagpipe player. Why does hearing bagpipes make me want to cry? Anyone else?Bagpipe Player

Thank goodness my husband whisked me off to the Scotch Whiskey Experience #clever. We are not necessarily whiskey drinkers but we sure loved impersonating them on this trip! Ha!! I really like the one we tried at the Edinburgh Castle because it was sweet but other than that I made funny faces when I was tasting whiskey.

Scotch Whiskey Experience

This was fun! There was even a ride!

We had a delicious lunch at Deacon Brodie’s. We had stovies and I had the best dessert! Sticky toffee bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. Yum! Also? No mice. They scored major points for that!

Deacon Brodies

The food was delicious!


My lunch at Deacon Brodies – Stovies!

I really enjoyed Edinburgh and it’s beautiful, old buildings. I loved seeing brightly colored doors on old brick buildings and beautiful flowers in pots everywhere! I couldn’t help but snap pictures of some of the store windows too!


I could never tire of this view!

I would have loved to try this on!

On our second day we had an Outlander Tour scheduled. We love the show and apparently a lot of people! The bus tour included stops at several castles as well as the site used to film Lollybrook. It was a lot of fun! We stopped for lunch in a cute little town and invited two single women to eat lunch with us. I really admire people who travel alone internationally. They were thrilled to join us – one was travelling completely alone and the other had left her husband back at the hotel as he was not feeling well.castle

The one and only time our selfie stick actually worked!

On our third and final day we had another all day tour scheduled. This one was of the Rosslyn Chapel with some other stops along the way. I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed both of our tour guides. They were so knowledgeable and kept us entertained.

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel – no photography is permitted inside.

On this day we had lunch in the tiniest of cafes – it seats only 14 people and that’s pushing it. The locals were so kind and a few came over to speak to us. But what really made an impact on me was this: after finishing his coffee one of the customers stood up, rolled up his sleeves and went into the “kitchen” and started washing dishes! I assumed he worked there but then another one of the patrons started talking to him and he said, “ahhh they looked busy so I figured I’d help out.”  Then he left and went back to work. Whoa. How cool was that?

Berties Proper Fish n Chips


That night we had dinner at Bertie’s at the recommendation of our hotel staff. My husband said it was the best fish ‘n chips he had. I had a fish stew and it was delicious!

Evening wear, vacation style!

We did a fair amount of shopping, or rather browsing. Even though I was sooooooo cold I refused to buy a wool hat or scarf. I just bundled up and layered up. Seriously, I never had less than 2 jackets with me and always had my umbrella.Scottish Pun

Our hotel was attached to a cute pub and that’s where we had breakfast each morning. It was included in our room rate. There was always a full spread of fruit, cheeses, breads, and meats. Along with porridge and yogurt. My husband ordered off of the menu (it was included too) and enjoyed his eggs and bacon. We did not try haggis.

We woke up super early yet again to fly out to Shannon, Ireland. But not before I could enjoy an Irish coffee in Scotland, in honor of my Irish grandfather who happened to be born in Scotland! Slainte’ (cheers!)

Thank you for stopping by and my apologies for photo overload. This isn’t even a quarter of the pictures we took. It’s hard to choose which ones to share. I hope you enjoyed a few days in Scotland with us! It is a beautiful country and one which I’d love to return to some day!


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