Styling a Short Sleeve Turtleneck

As sweater season looms in the not too distant future, now is the time to do some preliminary outfit planning. When Jill shared this cute short sleeve turtleneck on IG last week, it caught my attention. The short sleeves spoke to me and I immediately hit add to cart. I knew it would be easy to style and would fill a gap in my closet.

Styling a Short Sleeve Turtleneck

styling a short sleeve turtleneck

The funny thing is this sweater is actually called a mock neck turtleneck. But guess what? It isn’t. Mock neck means the garment covers most of the neck but doesn’t have layers of fabric that fold over. This one does have a layer of fabric so it is an actual turtleneck. Regardless, it is a great piece to style for fall and winter.

This one is very affordable at under $23. It comes in 4 colorways and ranges in size from XS-XXXL. I ordered the size small in winter white. I really like the rose wine shade as well. Honestly, Walmart has done a great job with this one – all 4 of the colors are great neutrals – wine, grey, black, and of course, white. I do find the neck a little bit bothersome and I wish it was an actual mock neck – so if you have any kind of sensitivity to things around your neck, keep that in mind.

Short Sleeve Turtleneck Outfits

styling a short sleeve turtleneck

Short sleeve turtleneck + Coated Denim

I did a half tuck with this one. The coated denim have a flare and I thought the proportions were just a bit off untucked. You might remember this pair as they are also from Walmart. I love them! Not a fan of the coated/waxed look? They also comes in traditional denim washes.

styling a short sleeve turtleneck

Short sleeve turtleneck + Tonal Ecru Denim

Winter white and tonal ecru go hand in hand. There’s nothing more chic than a monochromatic look. This is also one of the best ways to elevate a look – pair something higher in price with something more affordable.

styling a short sleeve turtleneck

Short sleeve turtleneck + Slim Dress Pants

These pants again!! They just work so well with everything and this short sleeve turtleneck is no exception. No necklace required, just a pair of earrings and a neutral shoe – easy work look that is not only comfortable but stylish.

styling a short sleeve turtleneck

Short sleeve turtleneck + Skirt

Before it gets too cold, try this combo. As the weather continues to cool you can wear tall boots or tights.

styling a short sleeve turtleneck

Short sleeve turtleneck + Slouchy Denim

This is not my favorite look – wearing a loose/baggy type of sweater along with slouchy denim may not be the most flattering. On top of that I paired it with my platform sneakers. But I thought it was worth sharing. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing really right or great about it either.

Why Wear a Short Sleeve Turtleneck

It almost seems silly doesn’t it? A short sleeve sweater? This time of year, when it sometimes starts out cool and then quickly warms up this is a great option. Certainly in a place like FL where mild winters are common, short sleeves make perfect sense. They can also be layered when temperatures drop making them wearable no matter where you live.

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