How to Style a Striped Button Up

This week’s edition of Fashion Files is all about something you probably already own. I am sharing how to style a striped button up 4 ways, they’re all easy and I bet you have these… View Post

Styling a Coatigan

Listen…I admit it. I am late to this party. Was it last year or the year before that the coatigan became a thing? Well, like most things it wore on me. The more I see… View Post

Styling a Short Sleeve Turtleneck

As sweater season looms in the not too distant future, now is the time to do some preliminary outfit planning. When Jill shared this cute short sleeve turtleneck on IG last week, it caught my… View Post

Flattering Tops to Hide a Tummy

Let’s talk tummies, shall we? I’ve always had an issue with mine, even at my thinnest. Bodies come in all sizes and shapes and while there is little we can do about how we are… View Post

Styling Straight Leg Denim

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about denim? Today I am focusing on styling straight leg denim. If you have yet to try this style I hope you will soon. They are not… View Post

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