Friday Favorites – Feelin’ Festive!

As much as I enjoyed our trip to Greece, I am so happy to be home. The holidays are upon us and I love this season so much, I don’t want to miss a minute. Since it’s December 1st, why not call this Friday Favorites the Feelin’ Festive edition!

Friday Favorites Feelin' Festive

Friday Favorites – Feelin’ Festive!

,One of the absolute best things we did was decorate our home before we left for Greece. It was so nice to come home to our tree and other holiday touches. Since I work from home, this is my office view each day. It does not disappoint and definitely helps with feelin’ festive!

Friday Favorites - Feelin Festive

During the month of December I use my favorite Christmas mug! I purchased it a few years ago from TJMaxx. When I shared this on Instagram the other day I got so many questions about the mug. I found a few on Ebay, they are all used. This one on Etsy is nice but my advice? Shop at Ross, TJMaxx, or Marshall’s and find one. Do you have a special mug or maybe even holiday dishes you use this time of year? I used to have a set of Christmas plates we used during the month of December only. I love how little things add to the excitement and festivity of the season.

Friday Favorites - Feelin Festive

I was thrilled to come home to chilly weather! Listen, nothing says holidays like cold weather when you live in FL. It’s always 80 something degrees and we are usually sweating. It feels so good to wear a sweater! This is what I wore on Tuesday to run a few errands.

I was fortunate to do an Instagram collab with cabi. I chose this red velvet suit and blouse along with accessories. It is a stunner! Also? Is it just me or do you get some Prince vibes from this look? I swear the ruffles and the blazer remind me just a smidge of Purple Rain, lol!!

I was really happy to get this red suit. I have a party to go to and the hostess asked us to wear red. I thought I ordered a red tweed jacket from Chico’s. Well, it never arrived and when I started researching I realized I never completed the order – ugh!!!! Now it is sold out which is such a bummer.

One of my Instagram friends shared this beautiful Advent Candle holder and I could not click add to cart fast enough! I absolutely love it and look forward to using it. I ordered candles for it as well. If that doesn’t have you feelin’ festive what will, right?

Wrapping it Up!

I have done some Christmas shopping already – thanks to my older son and the list (including links) that he sent me. Ordering online is so convenient! I’ll start wrapping presents too as they come in. I find doing a few at a time is easier and less overwhelming for me. I also prefer that all of my gifts are wrapped in the same paper and I like to tie ribbons on the packages – this always brings me such joy!

What helps you with feelin’ festive? Do you have favorite movies or books you read during the season? I’m getting together with a friend this weekend to bake cookies and that is yet another tradition I love! I wish you a very happy weekend and thank you for reading my blog!

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