Styling Cargo Joggers

If leggings had a dressier, more polished cousin they’d be called cargo joggers. Frankly I’m not sure that sentence is grammatically correct but it’s the only way I know to convey my thoughts. There are… View Post

What’s New at Old Navy Fall 2023

As much as I prefer shopping online, sometimes it’s nice to visit a store and try things on in the fitting room. On Tuesday I stopped by my local store and did just that! It’s… View Post

Styling Charcoal Grey Denim

Move over blue, move over black there’s a denim alternative taking center stage this fall. You’ve seen grey before and maybe you’ve thought about it but stayed in your comfort zone. It’s easy to think… View Post

Mix and Match Fall Pieces

You know you have a good closet when you look into it and see possibilities rather than one hit wonders. For years, I had lots of stand alone items that only seemed to work in… View Post

Ruffled Mini Dress Over 50

Check out this ruffled mini dress for fall Perfect for those of us over 50. I’m sharing multiple ways to style this affordable dress. … View Post

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