Spring Outfit Ideas – White Denim

It can be so easy to plan outfits when white is involved, right? I mean everything goes with it, yes? Yes and yes. But white denim is different, some of us actually shy away from wearing it because it’s hard to shop for. I used to hear that sentiment uttered from women and wonder what in the world they could mean. Until one day, that one day, I caught a glimpse of myself from behind in white denim. Good Lawd have mercy, why didn’t someone tell me??? The lumps, the bumps, oh my word, I thought I’d never recover.

Spring Outfit Ideas with White Denim

I missed the memo about sizing up at least one size in white denim. Why I felt the need to share that trauma is beyond me because this post is not about shopping for white denim. In fact, I am still learning. The pair I am wearing here are super comfortable – maybe not the most flattering but I’ll get to that later. I find myself grabbing them first of the few pairs I own. They are the no-stain variety from Chico’s and they are super easy to wear dressed up or down!

Dressed Up A Bit

I almost called this business casual but that would be my Florida definition of the term. Pretty much anything without flip flops seems to fall in the category if you ask my fellow Floridians. It’s hot and we don’t like to be bothered with too much. This is an outfit I could get away with wearing to work (when I worked in person at school) but I’d wear it out to dinner in a heartbeat.

It’s comfortable, casual, and the pretty lilac shirt (it’s a button up, remember?) screams Spring! I always like to do at least a half tuck and add a belt to my rectangular shape. It helps me fake a waist!

Monochromatic Look with White Denim

I once had a principal who didn’t care too much what we wore as long as our shoes had backs on them. Which led to all kinds of interesting looks – you could show up to work in what equated to pajamas but by golly as long as your shoes had straps you were in compliance with the dress code.

So my monochromatic look may be chic but not for work. I love the way it came together though. The gauze shirt and my alternative to clogs look effortless yet styled. Clogs are very trendy right now but it’s a trend I won’t be wearing. I’m not crazy about them on me so this type of shoe seems a good alternative. When in doubt – go for a monochromatic look – you can not go wrong!

White Denim with Sneakers for Spring

Spring means all kinds of fun, outdoor activities so why not wear sneakers with white denim? Especially when you throw in a cute, striped rugby shirt. I wore this last week and that’s what spurred on the decision to make a post. I basically changed my top and shoes and got three easy outfits! I did add the belt to the 2 previous looks.

Flattering White Denim?

So I mentioned above that these might not be the most flattering on me. They are fine, really, but they do seem to accentuate my tummy and the darn zipper never looks like it’s up all the way. But I decided that Ford Modeling Agency is not scouting me, long gone are the days of wishing I was 5’10” and a supermodel. I’m 5’5″, a school counselor, and I have a tummy and I am okay with that. Flattering means looking thin for most people, I guess it does for me too. Or maybe it just means that the parts of my body I don’t love are not highlighted. Makes no difference, it is what it is.

The best news is that YOU get decide what flattering means to YOU. Wear clothes you feel good in – the clothes don’t MAKE you feel good, it’s a decision. That decision is based on what you see when you look in the mirror. As a counselor nothing bothers me more than when I hear people say certain clothes make them feel good. Clothes are just inanimate objects. Don’t give your power away like that. It’s a choice, a decision. A better question to ask is “how do I feel when I wear this” – are you confident? Are you pleased? Do you feel like the best version of yourself? Or are you trying to cover something up, make excuses, hide flaws to the point that you’re exhausted and unhappy? Questions to ponder.

If you can take one thing away from this post I hope it’s that NOTHING and NO ONE can MAKE you feel a certain way. The decision is yours, you have more power than you realize!


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In the market for some new white denim? I’ve rounded up a selection at every price point:

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