Styling Silver Pants

Staying on top of trends helps keep us fresh and modern. Sprinkling in a piece here or there keeps our wardrobes exciting and fun. So when I started seeing silver pants, I knew they’d be a trend I wanted to try. But what would I do with them? You might be wondering the same, so let me share how I’ll be styling silver pants!

Styling Silver Pants

Two Outfit Ideas

Don’t make the mistake of thinking silver pants are only for holidays or special occasions. Wear your silver pants for casual gatherings – out to dinner, girls night out, to the grocery store (maybe?). Just don’t reserve them for parties, ya know? Wear them!!!

Since my silver pants are a straight leg style, I am opting for a slimmer top. It’s all about balance and proportion. I love this classic satin shirt so much, I own it in 2 colors.

Silver Pants with a Cropped Blazer

Well of course silver pants dressed up makes sense, right? I mean come on, they sparkle and shine! I chose to wear neutral colored tops with mine but since silver is a neutral, add any color!

The liquid leather cropped blazer from Clara Sunwoo could not be any more perfect. Over my baby tee with black belt and boots, this is my dressed up look! I linked a cropped blazer from Express as well.

How to Accessorize Silver Pants

Since I own and wear predominantly gold accessories, I did find that silver worked better. While I don’t normally mind mixing metals, I didn’t like my gold earrings and necklace with my silver pants. Mixed metal accessories would work really well but I don’t own any.

Finding the Right Pants for You

Like so many trends, silver pants are available at different price points. There are different cuts too. Once you know they style you want you can find the right pair to fit your budget.

I looked at lots of silver pants before deciding on these from Gap. Anthro has a great pair but they were a little pricey. I also wanted a pair that were full length. These fit the bill for me but I am rounding up options for you. I used a coupon and a reward when I purchased mine. I am wearing a size 27.

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