Friday Favorites September 15

The middle of September means we’re that much closer to cooler weather – woo hoo!!! After our hurricane we had a few less humid days but that’s a thing of the past. We’re back into the hot, humid weather we’re known for – UGH. That’s okay, I am cranking the a/c and trying on all the Fall fits! #takethatmothernature

Favorite Fits

Lately I have been all about updating my Fall/Winter wardrobe. Yesterday I shared my new Lady Jacket from JCrew. On Instagram I have been sharing my new cropped moto jacket from Express. I still have a few other items on my wishlist – like a burgundy v-neck sweater (I am searching for this still). Listen, I may live in a hot climate but my heart loves colder weather. At the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants…

You know what else is a favorite? When I find something FABULOUS but affordable and it looks so much like a higher priced version! Remember these coated flare leg jeans from Walmart?? Well, hello pricier version from Paige!

Finding Joy

My husband and I saw The Equalizer 3 at the theater on Sunday afternoon. The movie was fabulous and Denzel Washington has my heart. Forever. We watched The Equalizer 2 on Saturday night – we had seen it years ago but it was a nice refresher prior to seeing the new movie. I highly recommend getting out and doing something fun on Sunday afternoons. We used to do this but got out of the habit. I am going to be much more intentional about building in a fun activity into our weekend for Sunday afternoons/evenings! I may not be able to get more weekends but I CAN get more out of my weekends.

My friend Amy writes a great blog. I really enjoyed her post on hosting tips here. It’s the little things that make a big difference when you’re hosting and I think she touched on all of them!

Another talented blogging friend is Jodie! Most of you already know her, I mention her often. She shared this quote the other day and it really resonated with me. On Sunday, after seeing the movie, my husband and I went to Walmart. It’s always crazy there and I always park far away just to be sure I’m not in the middle of the madness. Well, he was driving, and he is oblivious to the nonsense (I fret over it and painstakingly plan where I will park, which entrance to use, etc.) and parked us right in the middle of a situation. Someone backed into someone else’s car – also known as an accident – but the screaming and yelling really got to me. I wanted to rush over and intervene because I was sure I could de-escalate the situation. My husband urged me not to and I felt guilty the rest of the night. I hate to see anyone hurting and upset. In any case, this quote really spoke to me:

Not sure about you, but my life seems to revolve around seeking peace not chaos. I have made the decision over the years that some relationships are not healthy for me. As a result, I have more inner peace. Sometimes I still struggle though. A smaller circle means less ‘stuff’ going on and in our world, it’s easy to have FOMO. Taking the time to remind myself of what is important and why, helps with that. Maybe this will be helpful for you as well!

One last thing…if you live near me – Orlando/Oviedo area, I have an event you might be interested in. I’m hosting a Private Bra Fitting Event at the Oviedo Dillard’s. It will be on Saturday, September 30 at 9am. They are opening the store up early for us. We’ll have refreshments and goody bags as well as fit specialists to help you find the right size. No pressure to purchase a thing, however, if you do, $5 from each purchase will go to breast cancer research. Send me a message if you’d like to come so I can give you entrance details!

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