Five Things I’ve Done Recently

Happy Friday, friends. What a week! Today I thought Id share a few things I’ve done recently, the odds and ends that make life fun! Well, maybe fun, one of them may not necessarily fall into the fun category but it is necessary. Enough teasing, you’ll see when we get to it!

Five Things I’ve Done Recently

When I take my solo walks on weekends I listen to true crime podcasts. One covered the death of Judy Malinowski and mentioned a documentary about it. Well…it was equal parts heartbreaking and astounding. The Fire That Took Her is worth watching! Check out the trailer:

I requested this book from the library and it arrived at the end of last week. I’ve started reading it and while it’s not my usual thriller/crime genre I am enjoying it. Since we are going to Italy in one week she mentioned that it would be worth a read!

Recently I completed Melissa Murrell’s Personal Styling course. I’ve been a fab for ages and watch her YouTube videos as soon as they are published. I had been interested in taking one of her courses and then applied to her open call for ambassadors, I was thrilled to be chosen! I was given access to the course and completed it. I’ll tell you it was much more involved than I imagined. The course is very thorough and not only provides great information but exercises and quizzes too! I’ve been given a discount code (KELLYANNMM10) to share but for a limited time they have a great BOGO deal going on. It’s in honor of UK’s Mother’s Day so grab someone you know and you can do the course together and save!

Twice now I have made this recipe for dinner and we love it! I have struggled with making the perfect roast pork that is both juicy and tender. I think the secret here is how long it cooks. In any case, it is delicious and one I’ll make again and again!

Finally, this one is not so fun but necessary. I booked my annual skin check with my dermatologist. It may not be fun nor exciting but melanoma is very serious. If I have any potential skin cancers I want to know asap and get them removed. My appointment is for Wednesday, March 13.

As a bonus, I wore this pretty green dress to a birthday dinner on Sunday. I am crazy for the color! I think it’s not only perfect for St Patrick’s Day but spring and summer too. This dress is no longer available but I’ll link some options. Paired with a denim jacket, my favorite gold jewelry, and my comfy heels I’d say this is my favorite look of the week!

That’s a wrap on what I’ve been doing recently. This weekend our younger son comes home for spring break- yay!! I am so excited to see him. He’ll be working on a project for school while he’s home but I’m thrilled to have him under our roof.

I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! Take some time to relax and renew!

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