Loving Lately!

Hellooooooo Friday you handsome devil! Thanks for being here today, friends, I know I’m not alone in welcoming another weekend. Today I have a random list of things I am enjoying and loving lately!

Loving Lately!

First things first, let’s rewind to last weekend. We had perfect weather and we had just the right amount of plans in my opinion. The weekend kicked off with an Elvis tribute concert. Trust me, I totally expected an older crowd but it was fun! I love a tribute/cover band because they are so excited about the band or performer and the passion is evident. The tickets are far less expensive than an actual concert and the venue is smaller and more intimate. Over the years we’ve seen so many tribute band concerts and we’ve enjoyed them all. I especially love how music can take me back in time and conjure up so many memories. Anyway…Friday night we had dinner (sat outside – yay!) with our besties and then saw the show. I snapped this photo before the show started.

On Saturday morning we went to an ‘art show’ for my 8 year old niece. She attends a Catholic school and her art work was chosen to represent 2nd grade. Several area Catholic schools participated and it was an honor for her to be selected. We had lunch afterwards and got to eat outside and enjoy the glorious weather!

Saturday afternoon I attended a wine tasting with my sorority’s alumnae association. I always have a good time with these ladies! Reconnecting with this group over the last year has been such a blessing to me. For years I was a busy mom and never had time – or so I thought. This season of my life calls for building and growing relationships and I am blessed to be able to spend time with a great group of women.

Sunday we went to a later church service which allowed me to sleep in and go on my walk before services. The later service is geared towards a younger crowd but we enjoyed it! Afterwards we went to Costco – which I despise on the weekends – ha!!!

The weekend went by too quickly of course but I realized how full my heart was. That may sound corny but I felt such joy and realized I need more of that in my life!

New Shoes

One thing I realized last weekend was that my closet needed to be purged! Not only did I mistakenly buy this blazer twice but I had a bunch of shoes that I no longer wanted to wear for one reason or another. This kind of clutter increases my anxiety and I am unable to focus. I spent any downtime I had removing shoes and clothes I didn’t love. I was grateful that I discovered the blazer and was able to return the one I recently purchased.

After organizing my shoes I realized that as much as I love this pair, I could really use them in a lighter color too. Luckily DSW had a sale and I grabbed them in nude. They are very comfortable on my feet (bunion friendly) and will be great whenever I need a heel.

I have been wearing these slides from Walmart pretty much daily. But I’ve also been seeing so many raffia slides and thought they would be great for some of my spring and summer outfits. I ordered this pair using a gift card I had from Christmas. I’ll be honest, they are a bit pricey and unless they feel absolutely fabulous I’ll return them. Stay tuned!!

Loving Life Lately

Truthfully, I am loving life lately. Maybe because we traveled and I am so happy to be home. Maybe it’s the weather. Doesn’t really matter but despite the fact that I miss having my sons live close by and that I am still grieving the loss of my sweet Sophie – as well as a few other not so fun things happening, I feel joy. I share this because sometimes I have to stop and take note of how I feel so I don’t let it slip by. The small things are big things regardless of how cliche that sounds.

What are you loving lately? You might not feel like things are going your way right now and that’s okay. It’s just as important to realize and acknowledge that! Or, maybe your cup is overflowing right now with all the good things – I hope so! In any case, you are not alone, navigating the peaks and valleys of our lives is a journey we are all on. Have a great weekend and thank you for being here!

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