The Difference the Right Bra Makes

The majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra. In fact most of us have never had a professional bra fitting! It is recommended that we not only do this if we have lost or gained a significant amount of weight, but that we get a professional fitting once a year. You may not think this is essential but I hope to help you see the difference the right bra makes in your appearance!

The Difference the Right Bra Makes

It seems we pay a lot of attention to figuring out our personal style and finding the right clothes. However, if we don’t start with a good foundation it’s all for naught.

Finding the Right Bra

There are all different sizes and styles of bras, how can we know what’s best? Is it based on comfort? Fit? Price? While all of those factors do matter, I believe first and foremost we need to start with a professional fitting.

Many department stores have trained professionals in the lingerie department to help you determine the right size and fit. In some cases, these trained professionals know their stock so well they can recommend the right style.

Benefits of the Right Bra

If you’re wearing the right bra, you’ll notice your clothes actually fit and look better! I swear you’ll look taller and thinner as well. You might even notice you stand up taller and straighter too. Take a look at the before and after I snapped in the fitting room:

finding the right bra size

My Experience

I have had many professional bra fittings over the years but I am not diligent about going yearly. I’d like to make this a priority and schedule it on the day I go for my yearly mammogram.

Recently I came to the realization that I needed a new bra to wear with a few dresses. They were a little lower cut and my everyday bras just didn’t work. My local Dillard’s has a great lingerie department so i headed there on Saturday afternoon.

This experience was like no other! In previous fittings a tape measure was used. This time, however, the sales consultant simply used her hands on my back! It was crazy but it worked! I had told her I was a 34DDD – that was after all the size of the bra I was wearing. She told me I was a 32DD. We talked a bit about what I was looking for and then she brought me some bras to try. I was shocked that they fit!

The Wacoal Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire was the first bra she brought me. I really like it for an every day bra. I was not able to find it online at Dillard’s but I did find it on Nordstrom. The Natori Feathers bra turned out to be the one I needed for my dresses. I am pretty particular about the bras I wear to work out in so I picked up one of these as well. My favorite panties were 3 for $48 so I grabbed those too. They are one size fits all, have no seams, and feel like second skin!

Final Thoughts

Shopping for undergarments is a necessity and it’s one I don’t mind investing in. Although no one sees them, everyone really does see the results, right? Have you ever thought of that? An ill fitting bra or panties certainly shows under our clothes. I say make the time for yourself and see the difference the right fitting bra makes!

My local Dillard’s is having a special event, local ladies, stop by and visit Tammy. She was a wealth of knowledge and has been doing this for some time. She made the whole experience so much better!


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Finding the right bra

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