Friday Favorites October 20

Even though I was out of town and off for part of the week, I am still more than ready for Friday! Always my favorite day of the week because it’s filled with the promise and intrigue of the weekend ahead. Today’s Friday favorites is a round up of things that caught my eye and tugged at my heart strings, let’s do this.

Friday Favorites October 20

Last Friday we flew out of town to Philadelphia. Our older son is planning to move there in January or February. His girlfriend is hoping to get a job up there as her family is in NJ so that’s why he is leaving FL. Luckily, he works remotely and can work from anywhere. She is graduating with her PhD in Chemistry in December and hopes to work in research & development.

The weekend was a busy one touring apartments, checking out neighborhoods, and meeting her family for the first time. We absolutely adore Emma and were so happy to meet her parents. They bought an old farm house they are slowly renovating. I love the house and it was so neat to tour.

On the downside, and I knew this would happen, I am already feeling emotional about our son moving. When he moved to Nashville, I missed him like crazy but I also looked at it as kind of temporary. This move feels different and having him home since January has gotten me used to having that sweet boy around all the time. Talk about tugging at my heart strings!

Our 29th Anniversary

Our 29th wedding anniversary was on Sunday, October 15. I can hardly believe it has been that long! My husband and I will go out to dinner, likely tonight to celebrate just us two! We were shopping at the King of Prussia mall on Sunday and bought these cute chinoiserie salt & pepper shakers at Ballard Designs. Anniversary gifts aren’t really are thing but I told my husband since they were $29 they were meant to be our gift to one another! I also spotted several things that caught my eye while in the store!

The Blog That Caught My Eye…

You’ve heard me talk about my friend Amy before. She writes a great blog and I always enjoy reading her posts. This week, her Wednesday post really resonated with me. Check it out here.

Boots I Bought

While packing for Philly and realizing it would be raining one of the days we’d be there I realized I didn’t have water repellant/resistant shoes or boots. It dawned on me that with our upcoming trips to Greece and Italy, they’d probably come in handy. I wasn’t really willing to spend a lot and when we made a pit stop at Target on our trip, I found these. They didn’t have my size in store so I ordered them. The store had a 9 1/2 and I wear a 9 but tried on the larger pair to be shore. They are actually quite comfortable and will be great to take on trips and where on rainy days.

I spotted these sneakers and tried them on as well. I really liked these! They look like a much higher priced version. I didn’t leave with them only because I honestly didn’t need them but if you are in the market – get them!

The Piece I Couldn’t Live Without

Overall I was pleased with my packing for this trip. I had a few things I didn’t wear but that had more to do with the fact that once we left for the day we did not return to the hotel until late at night. Since it was so much colder there I realized the one piece that made all the difference was my blazer from Express. It is a heavier weight than my beloved Walmart blazers and really acted as a coat. It was incredibly comfortable and managed to make my outfits look more put together.

I’m also fairly certain I will not travel with a purse. I brought only my belt bag and it was marvelous! Less to keep up with and aside from lipstick and my card case I don’t carry much. My Transport Tote is my old faithful and will come on every trip. It holds everything and is always my carry on when I fly.

What I Wished I Had

I didn’t travel with any perfume this time and that kind of bugged me. In the past I have purchased a roller ball of my my favorite perfume but it never really delivered the scent to my liking. Nolan’s girlfriend Emma told me about these and I am happy to say I ordered them! I cannot wait. She has them and likes them so I am pretty sure they will work well for me too.

That’s a wrap friends! I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our trip and what’s been going on lately. I have a feeling the next few months will go by so quickly when I all I want is for time to slow down a bit. That is life however, and more than anything, I want to see my children happy.

I hope this weekend is a great one for you and that you find yourself having fun and feeling loved!

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