Favorite Purchases this Week

If your head is spinning from all the sales this week you are not alone! Way too many sales, way too little time to shop them all. In light of a few of the biggies, I figured it would be nice to share my favorite purchases from this week!

Favorite Purchases this Week

In years past I have barely purchased anything from Prime Day. Actually a few years ago I felt so overwhelmed by the sale I purchased cling wrap. Yes. Cling wrap. Nothing else. Don’t worry, I made up for it this year!

A few of my orders have already arrived. My favorite by far is this 2 piece set. Why, I ask myself, did I wait so long to order this? It has been shared and shown so much on Instagram and I looked and looked. I am here to tell you it lives up to the hype. In fact, I almost want it in another color. I should have ordered this for my mother and my sister to give as gifts. I am kicking myself!

Amazon Set
Favorite Purchases of the Week

What’s to love? Everything. The fabric is a soft knit and feels so luxurious. I am not even kidding. It fits beautifully and has pockets. It’s two pieces so you can mix and match them to create other outfits. I ordered a medium and love the fit!

Amazon Set
Favorite Purchases of the Week

A few More

A few other favorite purchases from Prime Day include the contour stick I use every day. It is super inexpensive but very difficult to find in stores. It’s a repeat purchase for me. I use the color Where is Walnut and love it! I blends easily and stays put.

Speaking of make up, I use cleansing cloths as part of my nighttime skincare routine. They needed to be replaced and I heard great things about these. They arrived yesterday and I cannot wait to use them. Larger and softer than the Make Up Eraser brand, I have high hopes for these.

My husband and I keep our sunglasses in my car and are always digging in the center console for them. Well, not any longer. I ordered these sunglass clips. I am excited to use them – I love an organized anything but especially a car. My heart is so happy when everything is in its rightful place.

Favorite Purchases from the NSale

This is almost laughable. I had made my wish list but sadly it was all sold out. Everything. I did order this dress (in blue not the black I wanted), these booties, and these jeans. I also ordered this dress from Amazon to compare with the NSale dress. My hope is that the booties will be comfortable but I am prepared to return them if they are not. I have a pair I really like from Vionic but the bunion on my left foot is out of control and they are just a little too narrow. The jeans caught my eye and since I have never tried this brand before I figured why not!

Can’t Wait For This to Arrive

So yesterday’s post was all about Chico’s. Here I was thinking I had made all of my Chico’s purchases for awhile and then I checked on the newly added to sale pieces. This bag has been on my radar for some time but not at full price. The sale price coupled with a $10 reward sealed the deal and I can’t for wait for this bag to arrive!

Have you shopped any of the sales this week? Are you excited, over them, or indifferent? Tell me in the comments below!

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