Trip Recap Part 3: Venice

Thanks for joining me once again for another installment of my trip to Italy. I promise to wrap it up today. Just in case you are new here, in March, my husband and I joined… View Post

Five Travel Favorites

Having just arrived home from Italy late Sunday night, I am very much aware of the products that had the most impact. These are the things that made my trip easier and better, some you… View Post

Friday Favorites October 20

Even though I was out of town and off for part of the week, I am still more than ready for Friday! Always my favorite day of the week because it’s filled with the promise… View Post

Fall Getaway

As I write this post on Wednesday afternoon, I feel like a sitting duck! Hurricane Ian is coming my way so there is a good chance I will be without power. How I wish I… View Post

Friday Favorites – Back from Vacay!

I’m fresh off the plane from Nashville, TN and plan to slowly re-enter the reality called every day life. While I left a piece of my heart in Brentwood, he is coming home tonight! Yep,… View Post

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