Exciting April Favorites

Well, hello Friday you handsome devil! I am always happy to usher in a new Friday, how about you? Welcome to this week’s Friday favorites that I am lovingly calling Exciting April Favorites. Does that lead you to believe that this month will be extra special? Don’t get your hopes up, it’s more likely that I am at a loss for a fun title. I’ll let you be the judge of which is correct.

Exciting April Favorites

My calendar is filling up with some fun events for April. I may have traveled to Italy in March but trust me when I tell you that I believe there is no place like home and I am happy to be home all month! One of our favorite things to do is to attend cover bands (sometimes called tribute bands) and we have a few of those on the schedule. I also have a wine tasting with my sorority’s alumnae group that I cannot wait to attend and an art show for my niece! Loads to look forward to along with a few not-so-fun health care appointments for my husband. Trust me when I say that my family has been through the ringer (2019 I am looking at you) so little can shake my faith nor my determination to choose happy.

April 1st was Monday but my happy weekend was still on my mind! Saturday we spent most of the day with our younger son. We went to Gainesville to take him (along with my nephew) to lunch to celebrate his birthday.

He’s getting ready to do a study abroad program with UF this summer in East Asia. Needless to say we had a lot to chat about! First on my mind is how is he going to fit comfortably in an airplane seat for over 14 hours? He is over 6 feet tall. Ugh.

Sunday we celebrated Easter with my sister and my mom. Much smaller celebration than last year but it also felt really nice. We were able to catch up and visit. Just because things are different doesn’t mean they can’t be okay and I believe that was the theme for the day. After we ate we sat outside and played games (we love Farkle because it’s so easy for all ages).

I wore a dress from Walmart (Free Assembly last year). I just adore this dress! The pink stripes, the cotton fabric and of course how cute it is with my Teddy Blake pink bag. I love handbags so much and think nothing of switching out a bag for a day just as I would a necklace. Am I the only one? I know some find it a hassle but to be honest, I carry so little in my bag it’s nothing to swap out!

My niece is wearing the romper we gave her for Easter. This girl gets plenty of candy but I still like to give her a little Easter present! I picked up this romper and a kit to make beaded bracelets. She was in heaven! She said she needed to change out of her sundress because it was too hot and put on the romper. Bwahahahahahaha!!! So, yes, the romper was a hit!

Favorite Outfit this Week

Darn you, Walmart! Lately many of my purchases are coming from Walmart and they have done it again with this perfect length denim skirt. I ordered it on a whim, thinking it would be nice to share with my community. A lot of women are not fans of the maxi length denim skirts that we’re seeing everywhere. This one seems to be the Goldilocks of the denim skirt world. My intention was to try it, share it, and return it because I have a denim skirt. But…I think I might like this one better.

There’s that colorful top again. Another Walmart find that has now been marked down in price to just $14. The cotton is nice weight and of course the color says HAPPY! I picked up this bag out of curiosity. It’s actually quite nice and I may just keep it! The style of the bag is on trend for this year and I really like the cream and cognac color. The bag itself is canvas so it has the potential to get dirty but I think it could be cleaned easily enough. I like it with my shoes!

Exciting Sale to Watch

The Sephora sale can be exciting if you like premium brands that rarely go on sale. Since it’s a tiered sale, based on how much you spend in a year, you do have to be patient to get to shop. In the last few years I have switched to mostly drugstore brands so my status with both Sephora and Ulta has plummeted. But there are a few things on my watch list. One thing I will re-purchase for sure is this lip product. No one does lip moisture as good as Laneige. Jill shared this brow product and I am going to order it. Another friend on Instagram has me convinced I need this powder in pink. I’m on the fence because of the price. Could it be that good??? What if I really like it? Why am I obsessing about this as if it were a limb amputation?

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